Sunday, October 16, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 1

More Clinton endorsements:

Providence Journal:

The next president faces potentially catastrophic challenges: a runaway national debt that threatens to crash the economy and destroy the opportunities of young Americans; an economy that seems sluggish and halting despite years of job growth; a belligerent Russia playing extremely dangerous games with its military; a rising China probing for weakness in the West; a crazed regime in North Korea ramping up its capacity to deliver nuclear missiles to America; a meltdown in the Middle East with the rise of groups determined to export terror. It is little wonder that a large majority of Americans believe the nation is going in the wrong direction.

In this environment, there is one candidate who has the intellect, calmness, toughness and experience to lead America through these troubled times. That is why we enthusiastically endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

Ms. Clinton, who turns 69 this month, is a seasoned Washington player who needs no training in operating the levers of power. She was a first lady and a lawyer in Arkansas, a politically active first lady of the United States, a U.S. senator and a secretary of state. She knows how the presidency works, how the Congress works, how foreign policy works and how states interact with the national government.

Des Moines Register:

For those who believe America should be a beacon of a hope in a world ravaged by terrorism, that it should be a force for good and that its leaders should embody all that is best about this nation, there is only one choice for president: Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic nominee is intelligent, experienced and respected by our allies around the world. Her detractors say she’s too secretive and too distrustful of the press and the public — and they’re right. But these are characteristics that would have prompted almost anyone else with her background to retire from public life and seek employment in the far more lucrative private sector.

Clinton has instead taken the path of greatest resistance, choosing to remain in the public arena where, for almost 40 years, she has fended off an unrelenting barrage of politically motivated attacks while fighting for social justice.

Her public-service work began in the early 1970s when she graduated from Yale and, rather than join a private law firm, signed on with the Children’s Defense Fund where she advocated for disadvantaged youth and children incarcerated in adult prisons.

Loveland, Colorado's Reporter Herald:

Several conservative candidates with the leadership experience, character, aptitude, credentials and ideas to serve this nation well in the White House failed in the primary, and others chose not to run. Of the candidates in all parties who remain in this race, only one can lead this nation for the next four years, and that person is Hillary Clinton.

The failure of the Republican Party to put forth a serious candidate made this endorsement inevitable, considering that in December of last year, this editorial board stepped outside its usual bounds and recommended against a candidate in a primary election. That candidate, Donald Trump, is a man wholly and fundamentally unfit to be the president of the United States.

This is not an endorsement taken lightly, nor is it an easy one to make, as Hillary Clinton does not represent the fiscal conservatism, free-market mind-set and desire to keep restraints on government overreach that this newspaper usually supports.

Peoria Journal Star:

In the history of major party nominees for the White House, Trump may well be without peer.

We've seen demagogues before, but not one with any real shot at winning. No candidate in memory has so brought out the worst in the American people — the racism, xenophobia, celebration of ignorance, misogyny and vulgarity. Trump's embrace of authoritarianism — he praises tyrants — his disdain/hostility for certain religious and ethnic minorities (Muslims, Hispanics), his repeated references to America's faded glory and his mantra that he "alone" can deliver the nation back to the promised land, and his encouragement of violence against non-believers at his frenzied rallies more than hint at the extremist ideology that sent American GIs to Europe 75 years ago to defeat it, for the world's sake. Indeed, Trump does one mean Mussolini impersonation.

He acts as if the U.S. Constitution to which he would swear an oath is an inconvenience. He's shown little understanding of or respect for two bedrocks of this American experiment — the separation of powers, as exhibited by his attacks on a federal judge, and the rule of law, given his recent threat to jail his opponent if he becomes president. Imagine him with control over the FBI, IRS, SEC and a desire to settle scores, real or imagined. He's no fan of the First Amendment. He's proposed an unprecedented religious test for admission to our country. Trump is the personification of everything America's Founders were against.

Omaha World-Herald:

With that much on the line, the prudent vote would go toward the least risky candidate for president. Put another way, the candidate who would have the best chance to implement changes by working with Congress, foreign and domestic leaders and military leaders under normal circumstances as well as during a crisis.

That candidate is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This endorsement comes after careful consideration and with some trepidation. Secretary Clinton, if elected, will need to gain the trust of a significant portion of Americans who are concerned about her private email server and attendant deleted emails, her handling of the Benghazi crisis and her longstanding quest for a single-payer health care system in the United States.

With that said, Clinton’s legislative experience and decades of political involvement — as first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, U.S. senator from New York, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate — make her the better prepared of the two major candidates for the office of president of the United States.

Santa Fe New Mexican:

Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

Even better, Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States.

Despite the toxic level of the 2016 general election campaign for president — one caused, by the way, by the hate-spewing buffoon who is her opponent — Mrs. Clinton has conducted herself with dignity and resolve. As a former U.S. senator, secretary of state and first lady, she is uniquely prepared to serve. She not only will be the first female president of this nation, but has the potential to be a great president.

Vote for her not just in reaction to the horror that is Donald Trump, because of the danger our nation and world face with his itchy finger on the nuclear trigger. Vote for her not just because her opponent has demeaned women, Muslims, Hispanics and the disabled throughout this campaign. Vote for her not because her opponent’s tax plans would benefit the 1 percent and hurt everyone else. Vote for her not simply because Trump’s very candidacy has enabled the racists and hateful among us.

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