Sunday, October 30, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 1

No endorsement:

My local paper, the Medford Mail Tribune, did not endorse any presidential candidate this year. It finished endorsing candidates this last weekend.

Bucks County Courier Times:

We started running our political endorsements this week on those local and statewide races. As I wrote a few weeks ago, we won't be endorsing in the presidential race. Our focus is on our local races, we spent our time on local races, and we can better offer useful insight that is far more difficult to get on those races.

Our endorsements may help you decide to vote for or against the candidate our editorial board recommends, depending on how biased you think we are. (For the record, the Courier-Times endorsed two Democrats and three Republicans and the three Calkins papers in the Philadelphia-area market endorsed four Democrats and 13 Republicans total).

Free Lance-Star:

Whenever The Free Lance–Star’s editorial board takes a stand for a particular candidate, it is based on the belief that he or she is the best choice for the good of our nation and our community. It is not a decision made out of party loyalty, or one of selecting the lesser of evils.

For those reasons and others, we do not endorse a candidate for president in the Nov. 8 election. However, we urge all registered voters to carefully consider their choice and exercise their right to vote. Voting is a crucial freedom made possible by those who, coming before us, sacrificed greatly.


The campaign has become more about technology than ever before -- old video, old emails and Twitter battles. We can sadly expect only more of that in the future and wonder how anyone will ever have a clean enough past to run for public office.

The country needs a way to encourage moderate candidates to run. If this means a groundswell of support for a third party, we can support that. Without some action, Americans will abandon the political process.

Our editorial board could reach no consensus on which candidate would be best to lead the country. That includes Libertarian Gary Johnson whose election would likely close the Rock Island Arsenal, bring a hefty national sales tax and who has demonstrated no foreign policy knowledge. We also cannot support any of the 18 approved write-in candidates in Illinois because we simply don’t know enough about them.

For Hillary Clinton:

Albany Times Union:

The choice America faces Nov. 8 is as stark as it gets. This is an election between a thoroughly qualified candidate and a challenger whose campaign itself keeps descending into disarray. A candidate who understands America's vital role in the world, and a rival who reduces foreign policy to slogans. A candidate who could be this nation's first female president and a man who stoops to shamefully degrading talk about women.

With a choice so clear, we enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

This surely comes as no surprise to regular readers of this page, given our editorials over the past year denouncing specific elements of the campaign of Donald J. Trump. Yet we believe it is important to add our voice to those of news organizations around the nation that have overwhelmingly supported Mrs. Clinton and opposed Mr. Trump.

This is not, as Mr. Trump would likely suggest, evidence of a rigged system or some vast media conspiracy. The news organizations that have come out for Mrs. Clinton and against Mr. Trump run the spectrum from large to medium to small. They are, by and large, local newspapers like this one, run by your fellow citizens and neighbors. With but a handful of exceptions in the entire country, those that have weighed in have all endorsed Mrs. Clinton.

Farmington Daily Times:

Hillary Clinton, with 30 years in politics, has rolled in the muck. And her detractors have unsuccessfully been trying to bring her down for nearly that entire time. Even if you assume she is innocent of all the accusations that have been thrown at her, her penchant for secrecy makes her look guilty.

But during her time serving as a U.S. senator and secretary of state, Clinton has learned, in many cases the hard way, how to work the levers of power. We believe she will use that knowledge in the service of this country.

Her policies are detailed and specific. And her willingness to compromise is not a weakness. It is required in a democracy representing millions of people with different views of how we should proceed. Perpetual congressional gridlock – justified as partisan purity – diminishes this nation’s future.

Detroit Free Press:

The vote will mark the convergence of two historic opportunities for Michigan voters, and America.

The first is the chance to shatter a bigoted gender barrier that dates to the nation’s founding by electing a woman — a woman who happens to be one of the best-prepared candidates to seek the presidency in the last century.

The second is the necessity to repudiate, once and for all, the unflattering caricature of America conjured by Clinton’s demagogic Republican rival, Trump.

The contrast between the candidates’ visions of the country each aspires to lead could not be more stark.

Clinton’s America is a mature, self-confident nation that leads by example in a world bound ever more tightly by its inhabitants’ common economic and environmental interests.

Trump’s America is a paranoid bully, animated by vengeance and convinced that its survival hinges on its ability to bludgeon enemies and allies alike into compliance.

Metrowest Daily News and Milford Daily News:

So let’s talk about her, not him. Secretary Clinton’s resume is well-known, but what’s important is what she has learned over more than 30 years of public service. She has a deep knowledge of nearly every corner of public policy. She’s been to more countries than most of us could name, knows their leaders, their politics and their issues. She knows from long experience how Congress works, and why it often doesn’t. She has made mistakes, to be sure, but she’s learned from them.

Presidential priorities matter. Clinton’s career reflects a passion for family issues: education, health care, women’s rights, children’s welfare, and we’re confident she’ll work diligently to improve the lives of Americans. Insults have outnumbered issues in this campaign, but the short list of the issues we should be talking about includes climate change, economic inequality, criminal justice reform and the decaying public infrastructure. Clinton understands the complicated forces behind these trends, and how to use the political system to steer the nation toward progress.

This page has always been unimpressed with the Clintons’ many “scandals.” So far, the stolen emails leaked into the campaign debate show nothing more worrisome than politics being waged inside a political campaign and meetings being held among the rich and powerful. Still, it’s time for the Clinton Foundation to be put on ice and for the Clintons to commit themselves to greater transparency.

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