Sunday, October 23, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 2

For Hillary Clinton:

Cape Cod Times:

But Trump, a potentially dangerous demagogue, is not the only reason we support Clinton. We support Clinton for her many accomplishments and strengths.

Even Trump admitted that Clinton is a fighter. When she failed, as first lady, to radically change the American health care system back in the 1990s, she did not retreat and lick her wounds. She jumped back into the political fray and helped enact a more modest but important expansion of health-care access to poor children.

When she won her New York Senate seat in 2000, she did not hold grudges against those who had lambasted her husband during his impeachment. According to the Washington Post, “colleagues in both parties found her to be businesslike, knowledgeable, intent on accomplishment, willing to work across the aisle and less focused than most on getting credit.”

As a two-term senator, who was re-elected with 67 percent of the vote, Clinton worked harder than anyone to secure $20 billion to rebuild New York after 9/11 and provide health care for responders who got sick from working at Ground Zero.

The Southern Illinoisan:

That may or may not be the case, but we do know one thing — there is one candidate with a lengthy resume of public service. The other candidate has damaged himself through controversial positions, poisonous rhetoric and, in the weeks leading up to the election, allegations of sexual misconduct.

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified to carry out the duties of president of the United States.

Although she is admittedly a polarizing figure with high unfavorables, Clinton’s experience in government, her understanding of the issues, her temperament and her ability to withstand the pressures of public life make her the choice in this election.

Galveston County Daily News:

The Galveston County Daily News endorses Hillary R. Clinton for President of the United States.

The editorial board was unanimous in this decision, which is the newspaper’s first endorsement of a Democratic Party presidential candidate in recent history.

The rest is behind a paywall.

The Scranton Times-Tribune:

Americans are faced with two of the most unpopular presidential candidates in modern history but that does not mean that they have a difficult choice. One of them clearly is capable of doing the job and one of them is uniquely unqualified.

The Times-Tribune editorial board, and those of The Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre and The Standard-Speaker in Hazleton, endorse Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is qualified by experience, temperament and, especially, preparation, whereas Republican Donald J. Trump falls well below the bar in all of those areas.

Its sister papers The Citizens' Voice and The Standard-Speaker have the same editorial.

The Newark Star-Ledger:

In fact, we endorse Hillary Clinton not just because Trump is such a scary alternative, but because she is ready for this job, in experience and temperament. Her flaws are outweighed by her virtues, and it's not a close call.

Since graduating college she has been a warrior for good causes, starting with support for children and families. During her years in the Senate, she put her head down and worked hard, earning the respect of Republican colleagues as she hammered out solid bipartisan deals on help for September 11 first-responders and worked to expand health care coverage.

Bernie Sanders was tough on Clinton, but he pulled her in the right direction. She vows to never send an occupying force to the Mideast again. She has a vigorous plan to help cut college costs for middle-class families. She can be counted on to fight hard for a higher minimum wage, paid family leave, and a more fair criminal justice system.

Our hope is that Clinton devotes herself as president to the cause of economic justice. The rich have made enormous gains in the last few decades, capturing nearly all the benefits of economic growth. The economy, at least, is indeed rigged — against the middle-class.

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