Saturday, October 29, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 2

For Hillary Clinton:

South Carolina's largest paper, The State:

Still, compared with Mr. Trump’s alarming flaws, Mrs. Clinton is the obvious choice. She is far more informed about the problems confronting the country and has detailed plans for addressing them. She embraces the fundamental values that have guided America for centuries, and her temperament is better suited to answer the proverbial 3 a.m. call.

This is the first time our editorial board has endorsed a Democratic presidential nominee since Jimmy Carter in 1976. Through the years, we evaluated nominees based on our support for reducing the national debt, strengthening national security and other conservative values. Those values compel us to endorse Mrs. Clinton this year.

An independent analysis released in September determined that Mr. Trump would add significantly more to the national debt than Mrs. Clinton: $5.3 trillion compared to $200 billion.

On national security, we’ll take Mrs. Clinton’s experience on the Armed Services Committee and as secretary of state over Mr. Trump’s hollow claims to know more about ISIS than America’s generals. We also doubt his ability to think rationally in a crisis.


Patriot Ledger:

Clinton is uniquely qualified for the presidency. More than 30 years of public service give her a decisive edge. She has a record of accomplishments and positions that can be criticized, fairly or not, yet on balance it is her experience that makes her the superior choice by far, and one of the strongest candidates for the office in many years.

Clinton has been under heavy scrutiny since long before declaring her candidacy. Despite this, she has proven herself the most stable, competent and knowledgeable candidate on issues that will matter most to Americans and their interests the next four years: Health care. Foreign policy. The economy. Immigration. Climate change.

While some voters may not like Clinton, a presidential election is not a personality contest, and the hatred so many express toward her is unwarranted. It is reasonable to ask whether the vitriol has more to do with gender than reality.

After the worst recession in 80 years, the American economy is on the mend. Clinton has the ability to keep that recovery on track.

Daily Hampshire Gazette:

Our choice for the next president is an easy call — Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is clearly the best-suited candidate to lead the nation, by virtue of her experience, her temperament and her vision for an America that reduces the gap between the moneyed elite and the rest of us.

During her 18-month campaign, Clinton has offered specific initiatives on many issues, including increased access to health care, debt-free college education, climate change, increasing taxes for the wealthiest and appointing Supreme Court justices who are likely to reduce the influence of big money in politics, safeguard the right to safe and legal abortion and defend the fundamental right to free speech.

Readers may recall that we were one of a small number of newspapers that endorsed U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Democratic primary. Sanders’ brand of populist reform caught fire among many voters and we are happy to see that Clinton has shown a willingness to respond to those voters by supporting a $15-an-hour minimum wage, seeking increased access to Medicare and opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

By contrast, Clinton’s Republican opponent, Donald Trump, 70, unleashed a misogynistic, racist and xenophobic campaign the likes of which have not been seen in modern American presidential elections. Trump’s narcissistic bullying; denigration of women, ethnic and racial minorities and disabled people; unwillingness to accept the result of what he claims is a “rigged” election; and suggestion that he would throw his opponent in jail if he is elected, are character flaws that make him unfit to serve and a danger to the democracy.

The Greenfield Recorder has the same editorial as the one above.

Philadelphia Daily News:

We don't believe most Americans, including Trump supporters, think the government should be destroyed. The person elected to head this government shouldn't either. Washington is deeply flawed and sometimes even destructive. But as the organizing body of its people, government should work to benefit all. There's no question that Hillary Clinton's experience, depth and intelligence makes her well-equipped to accomplish this.

Her career has progressed through many iterations of public service, starting as a legal advocate for children and families, leading to the world stage as Secretary of State.

It is in fact the wobbly and precarious state of that world stage in 2016 that instills the most confidence in Clinton as president - and terrifies us about her opponent. There are no fast fixes to the persistent threat of ISIS sowing seeds of death and instability around the world, the high and shifting stakes in the Middle East and the complicated power alliances among the world's superpowers like Russia and China that play out in all these situations. But Clinton has the background and gravitas to understand that these issues will require more than a fast phone call or a hasty deal. She is already a familiar face to world leaders, while her opponent's grasp of foreign policy seems reduced to which world leaders have said nice things about him. Still, we hope that she is at least as careful as Obama about committing the United States to more action in the Middle East or anywhere else.

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung didn't really endorse HRC but is more "no Trump":

We have not endorsed a candidate in the presidential race — or any other political race on the November ballot and we have no intention of doing so.

We have written about the presidential campaign in this spot, weighing in on issues that we believe should matter to our readers and to the broader American public — and there’s little question that those positions have often been hostile to Donald Trump.

Jackson Citizen Patriot:

The sheer noise of this presidential campaign has felt deafening at times. But amid the cacophony, this much is clear: Democrat Hillary Clinton is the best choice.

She is eminently qualified. Before ever taking public office, she was a Yale Law School graduate, children's rights advocate and first lady of Arkansas and America, a role she transformed in the era of women's rights.

Now, she's the first woman to ever get a major party nomination. We think that's something to applaud in itself.

Clinton didn't hesitate to jump into public office as soon as former President Bill Clinton's two terms were up. She became a popular U.S. senator who helped guide her home state of New York through the aftermath of 9/11. As Secretary of State, she met and negotiated with leaders of countries all over the world.

This blend of experience in both domestic and foreign affairs is well-suited to the presidency. Despite some mistakes – the use of a private email server, for instance – the 10 newsrooms that comprise MLive Media Group across the state believe she is the best candidate to move the country forward after this sour and divisive campaign.

The exact editorial is also found in the Grand Rapids Press, Muskegon Chronicle, Kalamazoo Gazette, and The Flint Journal.

All are member papers of the MLive online newspaper group.

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