Sunday, October 23, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 3

More for Hillary Clinton:

Mason City Globe Gazette:

If polls are to be believed, there’s a growing chance that she will be elected. But there’s also talk that many people, seeing a big lead, will consider the race hers and stay home on Nov. 8. That, we believe, would be a big mistake. This is not the race to sit out.

It is also not the election to vote for a third-party candidate, no matter how appealing that may seem. If this was an election where you didn’t like the Republican or the Democrat, but either could do the job, voting for a third option would be a way to send a message. But not this year.

The only way to rationalize voting for someone other than Clinton or for not voting at all, is if you are OK with the idea of President Donald Trump.

This race will define the United States for at least the next four years. We must elect a president who has the experience, the ability and the demeanor to do the job, not a person who flies off the handle at a mere tweet, a person failing in so many ways as Trump.

That is why we endorse Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

Beaumont Enterprise:

Despite those flaws, however, she has a few things to recommend her. She is smart and persistent, willing to press on in pursuit of a goal. When she was a senator from New York, she worked successfully with Republicans on important issues. She has a solid background in domestic politics and family issues - dating to her days as first lady of Arkansas - which complements her knowledge of foreign affairs.

Above all, Clinton must be judged against the other major-party candidate, Donald Trump. While she may be partially untrustworthy, he is completely unsuitable.

We won't bother to list the people or groups he has insulted; it's too long. Ditto for the many glaring lies he has told. No, with Trump it comes down to a five-letter word: unfit. The man is morally, temperamentally and intellectually unfit to hold the most important job on earth. Even a great many prominent Republicans believe this. Count among them the first family of Texas politics - the Bushes - and former GOP presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Cedar Rapids Gazette:

Hillary Clinton is arguably the most broadly prepared candidate for presidency in the history of the office. Her long history of public service has included serving as first lady in Arkansas and in Washington, D.C. In both positions, she strove to be an active force in driving public policies to better the lives of American families, women and children.

She continued that work as a U.S. senator from New York, where she fought for important improvements in pediatric drug safety and equal pay for equal work. As U.S. secretary of state, she traveled the globe representing the U.S. and spreading the message of democracy.

Has she solved every problem? Of course not. But she has tirelessly, consistently, done the work. As even her opponent has acknowledged, she never gives up. That, along the way Clinton also has learned to excel at political gamesmanship speaks as much to our current system as it speaks to her character.

This election has been a wake-up call for voters, many of whom find themselves wondering what to believe. Trump’s apocalyptic visions of the present and future of this country are wrong. We are living in difficult times, but face no challenges that we can’t meet. This is not the end of American ideals and American promise.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser is behind a paywall.

The Bryan College-Station Eagle:

But, the choice is not between who is better for America but who is worse. It is a choice we regret having to make, but make it we must.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon, a man whose shoot-from-the-lip style would be devastating for America. He is totally unqualified to be president.

Reluctantly, we must recommend Hillary Clinton because her government service makes her better qualified to occupy the Oval Office.

In the end, whoever wins on Nov. 8, the rest of us lose.

And that's a sad commentary on American politics today.

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