Sunday, October 30, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 3

Donald Trump keeps rolling them in. He now has eight daily newspaper endorsements:

Daily Reflector:

Trump has an impressive record of success in business, demonstrating a keen ability to negotiate deals, form successful business partnerships and negotiate with foreign and domestic banks, politicians and various government agencies. Trump's business acumen can certainly be applied to all areas to create trade policy, economic development, health care finance, partnerships with world leaders for common defense and build solutions to shared humanitarian challenges.

He has experienced some setbacks, but many highly successful business owners have setbacks, and they have persevered as Trump has.

One paper has endorsed Utah's Evan McMullin for president:

Provo's Daily Herald:

Which is why we are asking Utah voters to cast their ballots for Evan McMullin for president, and are offering our endorsement to the independent candidate.

Do we believe McMullin is capable of winning the White House? No. Simple math makes it virtually impossible, as he will officially be listed on ballots in just 11 states, and is a qualified write-in candidate in 23 more.

However, one of those 11 states is Utah. And if polling numbers are to be believed, McMullin stands a great chance at winning the state and its six electoral votes. Should he do so, he would become the first third-party candidate to carry a state since 1968.

We had the opportunity to meet with McMullin and his running mate, Mindy Finn, and came away impressed with their desire to be the face of a new conservative movement in this country. We believe their platform aligns with Utah values — including equality for all, reining in government spending, particularly entitlements, reforming the corporate tax rate, cutting excessive regulation and establishing responsible global leadership.

For Hillary Clinton:

Massachusetts' The Republican:

Which leads one to ask if the party's presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is more in the mold of her pragmatic husband, or stands closer to the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party.

Her long history makes a simple answer impossible. Because the truth is that she's got one foot in each camp. She's been pragmatic, and she's been liberal.

Which is why we can feel confident in endorsing her candidacy.

The rap on Clinton, at least from her serious critics, has long been that she's got no overarching governing philosophy. What she believes in, her critics charge, is, well, anyone's guess. She believes in her own changing agenda. One day she supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to use just one recent example, until she doesn't. And then she claims that her earlier position was misunderstood.

But this charge is unfair in the extreme. In the history of modern American politics, such maneuvering isn't exactly unusual. Consider it in these terms: Traditionally, one sought the presidency by running either to the left or toward the right during the primaries, the former for Democrats, and the latter for Republicans.

No endorsement:

Albuquerque Journal:

The Journal has not withheld a presidential endorsement in recent memory. But given their records, it isn’t possible to recommend any of the candidates. Still, it’s important to vote, making your best judgment. And, there are many other races to be decided.


The Lima News:

We hoped the two candidates would emerge from the July conventions with fresh ideas for building the economy, ensuring our safety and providing opportunity. Instead, they spent most of August, September and October attacking each other’s character.

Sadly, with just nine days left before the election, it disappoints us that little has changed.

Thus, in good conscience, The Lima News cannot endorse either Trump or Clinton.

Sioux City Journal:

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - according to polls, the two most disliked presidential nominees in American history, with disapproval ratings among likely voters of between 50 and 60 percent - will be the 45th president of the United States, but we neither believe in nor can we, with honesty and in good conscience, recommend and build the case for either of them.

As a result, we offer no endorsement in the race for president this year.

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