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Newspaper Endorsements Part 3

More for Hillary Clinton:

McAlester News-Capital:

Hillary Clinton is our choice for president.

This very simple statement successfully summarizes, in just a few words, the position of the McAlester News-Capital as we approach Nov. 8’s historic election. We consider this presidential election perhaps the most important presidential election in American history given what’s at stake, and after reviewing the policy positions of both candidates, we believe Clinton is the obvious choice for our vote.


Simply put, Clinton is the one candidate who presents the opportunity for steady, reliable leadership abroad and here at home. Trump’s policies, meanwhile, represent a dark, dangerous direction for the nation if implemented. As America struggles with political and racial division, the president of this country needs to have a calm, reasoned approach and be a unifier — not a divider. Trump’s comments and positions on immigration are inflammatory and insulting to a huge swath of Americans. His derogatory comments about women are beyond troublesome. The list of his startling and frightful statements — and policy positions — overwhelmingly show he is not qualified for the office.

Danville Commercial News:

Policy proposals, experience and temperament should be the basis for evaluating presidential candidates, not campaign commercials or social media. With those criteria in mind, we endorse Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States.

Two key issues facing the nation – immigration and taxes – show the choice is an obvious one.

On immigration, Clinton advocates creating an administrative path to citizenship for those who’ve entered the United States illegally. Her proposal is similar to plans supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Donald Trump proposes constructing a 1,989-mile long wall along the border the United States shares with Mexico and says Mexico will pay for the work. According to a report in The Guardian, the average cost for such a wall is estimated at $3.9 million per mile. The total would exceed $10 billion, just for materials.

Myrtle Beach Sun News:

The 2016 presidential election, with the most contentious campaign in memory, presents many U.S. voters with a choice of two deeply disliked candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ‑ although Clinton is the runaway favorite of people of color and women.

Clinton is the better choice for president because of her knowledge and command of critical issues and policy, domestic and foreign, her experience and long service to people, and her temperament. She has served as secretary of state, U.S. senator and First Lady. We understand that many people do not trust Clinton; we do not fully understand why so many who resent or fear her simply accept Trump’s many shortcomings as a potential president.


Newbury Port Daily News:

We believe Hillary Clinton is the best choice to rally us today and deliver to Americans the prosperity, harmony and security we all want and deserve. We choose Clinton and urge our readers to vote on Nov. 8 for the Democratic nominee.

We acknowledge that Clinton is not perfect. Like Trump, Clinton is flawed and unpopular with the majority of the American public. But this election is too important to sit out or cast a meaningless vote for a third-party candidate,

Say what you will about Clinton, but she is tough, pragmatic, resilient and experienced. And unlike her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, she is not an embarrassing fool. You won’t find her tweeting at 3 a.m., four weeks before Election Day, about a former Miss Universe and her alleged sex tape.

The demeaning insults Trump directed at women during the campaign are not an aberration. His lewd comments about groping women heard on a 2005 video made public Friday prove that. That’s who he is, and who he would be in the White House.

We don’t believe even Trump considers himself truly qualified for the Oval Office. He clearly has no idea what he would do if elected. His erratic and self-destructive behavior since he won the nomination makes it seem he wants the headlines but not the job, with all its critical responsibilities.

Birmingham News:

But 2016 isn't a normal election cycle, and Donald Trump isn't a normal presidential candidate. Nor is he a normal Republican. He is a man who is frighteningly unfit to be president. And she is his only roadblock.

Any endorsement of Clinton will be a bitter pill to swallow for many in our state. For some, her lifelong record of public service is the mark of a career politician, rather than a public servant. We've all watched her struggle to defend her emails, her charitable foundation and her record on foreign policy. Still, Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to be president, and in winning her party's nomination has reinforced the promise that our democratic process is equally open to all.

North Andover Eagle-Tribune:

We don't believe even Trump considers himself truly qualified for the Oval Office. He clearly has no idea what he would do if elected. His erratic and self-destructive behavior since he won the nomination makes it seem he wants the headlines but not the job, with all its critical responsibilities.

We believe Trump jumped into the race to burnish his brand and sell more reality shows, steaks, neckties and bogus college degrees. He surprised even himself by winning the GOP nomination, helped by the arrogance and incompetence of the Republican establishment. His showmanship and bluster made him the winner in a farcical "Survivor" show primary process.

Where Trump is shallow and ignorant, Clinton is worldly, knowledgeable and skilled in the art of real politics, both domestic and foreign.

It is the same editorial as the Daily News.

Stockton Record:

Hillary Rodham Clinton should be elected as the nation’s first woman president.

Television commentators, syndicated columnists, editorial cartoonists and citizens in general have had a bountiful harvest in sniping about this race. There’s been plenty of low-hanging fruit.

But stop and imagine a country with Donald Trump as president.

The hate. The pomposity. The lack of grasp on even the most basic issues impacting the country.

And yet voting for someone because she or he is “not Donald Trump” is not the only thing at play here. Like it or not, Clinton has almost four decades worth of experience in the public spotlight, including time as a United States Senator and Secretary of State.

Valdosta Daily Times:

We have thought long and hard about this endorsement and have concluded that Clinton is the best choice for voters in the Nov. 8 election. Her record of public service, her knowledge of complex world issues facing our nation, her steady hand and her measured leadership make her the only choice to become our nation’s next president.

Unacceptable sexual comments Donald J. Trump made about women in a 2005 video released by the Washington Post and NBC News is causing Republicans across the nation to pull their support and rightly so. His pattern of offensive language, vulgarity and utter crudeness demonstrates he is simply unfit to be president. There is a clear contrast between Hillary Clinton and Trump.

In four critical areas — the economy, national security, health care and immigration — Clinton is more equipped and better prepared than Donald Trump.

Plattsburg Press-Republican:

It has been at least 40 years since the Press-Republican has endorsed a presidential candidate.

But the circumstances are so unusual and the stakes are so high in this year’s election, we are breaking with that tradition and supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

Republican Donald Trump lacks the necessary experience, knowledge and diplomatic skill to lead our nation in an ever dangerous world. His penchant for bombast and unrealistic promises also make him too much of a risk.

Neither of the candidates is without drawbacks — we want to be clear on that. Yet Clinton is so far superior a choice in terms of proven leadership abilities and demeanor that we can’t stand silent.

It is not surprising that a charismatic character like Trump has gained widespread support, including some here in the North Country. To frustrated citizens, he represents a chance for change.

But patience, calmness and thoughtful action are essential presidential qualities, and Trump has shown again and again that he doesn’t possess those traits. He wants his way in every situation.

Cumberland Times-News:

Clinton has substantial knowledge and experience regarding the type of matters a president must face. Trump does not. Clinton is accustomed to compromise and working with others. Trump gives orders and expects his minions to obey ... or else.

Clinton has outlined specific ways to address such matters as reforming the tax code, reducing health care and drug costs, investing in infrastructure, lowering student debt and the price of a college education, reigning in Wall Street and big banks, and developing a reasonable policy of immigration, naturalization and, if necessary, deportation. This admittedly is a big agenda, but at least it is an agenda, and Congress will have something to say about it.

The best we can get out of Trump is that he would withdraw from NATO, end defense agreements with Japan and South Korea, build a wall 2,000 miles long along the border with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it, and expel all those who cannot prove they belong in the United States. He also plans to create jobs and repatriate the jobs that have been outsourced to other countries, but he hasn’t given a satisfactory explanation of how he would do that.

Trump is a hothead. Clinton is not — at least in public, where it counts. Nor have been most of our well-regarded presidents, who likely had their moments of fury behind closed doors.

Bridgewater Courier-News:

Donald Trump as leader of the free world? We don’t think so. We never did.

We had planned to endorse his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for president next week. But the leak of the despicable video in which he bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman — soon after his marriage to his third wife Melania — has prompted us to speed up our timetable. We strongly endorse Clinton, who despite her flaws — grossly exaggerated by the Republicans and the far-right spin apparatus — is a superior candidate. We will elaborate on our support for her later in the week.

Trump is a disgrace to the nation. He should abandon the race now — for the good of the nation and the good of the Republican Party. If he refuses, as he has so far insisted he will do, every Republican leader and every Republican candidate on the ballot next month should condemn him and publicly urge him to terminate his campaign.

Over the course of the primary and Republican campaign, it became increasingly clear that Trump was totally unfit for the presidency. He has none of the qualities needed to lead what remains the greatest nation on earth — despite his claims to the contrary. He is arrogant, bigoted, impulsive and crude. He doesn’t read, he doesn’t study up on policy, he is reckless with his words and loose with what he passes off as facts.

No endorsements:

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette hates the Clintons' guts, but it also hates Donald Trump:

Who knows what the history books will say? But here's a certainty: The Clintons are the luckiest political team ever when it comes to opposition draws. Bill got elected, twice, without getting a majority of the votes cast either time. You can look it up. He had three-man races in 1992 and 1996 with an independent taking a number of votes from the front-runners. (His name was Ross Perot, for those too young to remember.) And this year, Hillary Clinton has drawn Donald Trump.

For the longest, the Clintons have reminded some of us of Tom and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. They barrel through life, causing all kinds of destruction, and always come out on the winning side, no matter what the trail behind them looks like. America has never had a couple that have benefited so much, financially, from their time in public service, and now they might benefit yet again, this time politically, because a blowhard huffed and puffed his way to the GOP nomination. And since the Clintons have amassed several hundred million dollars so far, think of how much more they could make with another Clinton presidency.

Come 2020, we hope the parties nominate better candidates. And save us from the Tom and Daisy Buchanans out there. And the Donald Trumps.


Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

Republican office holders have had ample opportunity to take a principled stand and distance themselves from Donald Trump.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has provided a full buffet of outrageous remarks, any one of which could have triggered a wholesale rejection of his candidacy by the GOP establishment.

Newspapers haven’t shied from calling attention to Trump’s shortcomings. Some conservative newspapers, which have endorsed Republicans for decades, have either endorsed Hillary Clinton or warned voters about the dangers of a Trump presidency. The Dallas Morning News, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Arizona Republic and the San Diego Union-Tribune are examples of editorial boards breaking tradition with their own history of supporting GOP nominees. Trump, in fact, has zero endorsements from major newspapers.

Now members of his party have lined up to announce they are no longer backing Trump after video footage from 2005 surfaced Friday. In it, Trump is heard bragging about forcibly groping and kissing women.

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