Monday, October 10, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements

A whole slew more for Hillary Clinton:

Courier News:

We had planned to endorse his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for president next week. But the leak of the despicable video in which he bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman — soon after his marriage to his third wife Melania — has prompted us to speed up our timetable. We strongly endorse Clinton, who despite her flaws — grossly exaggerated by the Republicans and the far-right spin apparatus — is a superior candidate. We will elaborate on our support for her later in the week.

Trump is a disgrace to the nation. He should abandon the race now — for the good of the nation and the good of the Republican Party. If he refuses, as he has so far insisted he will do, every Republican leader and every Republican candidate on the ballot next month should condemn him and publicly urge him to terminate his campaign.

Marin Independent Journal:

Perhaps especially so this year, when the challenges we face seem daunting, whether it be ending racial strife and gun violence at home, a war-torn Middle East, the threat of deadly terrorist attacks here and around the world or a political disconnect in Washington D.C. that is failing to resolve important decisions.

Hillary Clinton, alone, has the legislative, executive and diplomatic experience needed to lead our country.

She served two terms in the U.S. Senate and is no stranger to its political machinery.

As first lady, she was politically active, taking a leadership role in the vital national issue of health-care reform.

As secretary of state, she served as our nation’s chief diplomat, meeting face-to-face with allies and foes, seeking to build and strengthen diplomatic, economic and security bridges and advance peace and human rights.

Glouchester Times:

We believe Hillary Clinton is the best choice to rally us today and deliver to Americans the prosperity, harmony and security we all want and deserve. We choose Clinton and urge our readers to vote on Nov. 8 for the Democratic nominee.

We acknowledge that Clinton is not perfect. Like Trump, Clinton is flawed and unpopular with the majority of the American public. But this election is too important to sit out or cast a meaningless vote for a third-party candidate,

Say what you will about Clinton, but she is tough, pragmatic, resilient and experienced. And unlike her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, she is not an embarrassing fool. You won’t find her tweeting at 3 a.m., four weeks before Election Day, about a former Miss Universe and her alleged sex tape.

The Salem News has the same editorial as the Glouchester Times.

The Asbury Park Press has the same editorial as the Courier News.

The Daily Record has the same editorial as the Courier News.

The Woodward News has the same editorial as the Enid Eagle, excerpted here a few days ago.

West Virginia's The Register-Herald:

Here is what is encouraging about a Clinton presidency: She commands a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience on issues, foreign and domestic. She is whip smart and outworked by few. No one studies policy as closely as she and she owns a reputation for successfully working across the aisle.

We believe Clinton is uniquely qualified to take a run at making fixes to the Affordable Care Act, that she will pursue a comprehensive immigration policy, and will address lagging middle class incomes.

Sec. Clinton is known and respected around the world.

Yes, she did say she wanted to put a lot of coal miners out of work. She misspoke – and apologized. What she has proposed is a $30 billion plan to revitalize coal communities in West Virginia and intends to help struggling families and communities build a viable economic future.

She has the temperament, the ability and the experience to lead this nation.

The Huntsville Item has the same editorial as the Cullman Times, excerpted here a few days ago.

News and Tribune:

Yet when you weigh these flaws against her record of public service, political experience, diplomatic skills and ability to communicate clear policies on consequential domestic and foreign issues, she is the superior candidate for president. Her compassion and relief action for the victims and heroes of 9/11 stands out as well.

The Times Sentinel has the same editorial as the News and Tribune.

Arizona Daily Star:

America will stand at an unprecedented political crossroads on Nov. 8. Our presidential choice is between an admittedly flawed but highly experienced and tested leader, Hillary Clinton, and a man who deserves to be labeled a dangerous bully, Donald Trump.

It befuddles us that smart, informed people with good intentions still regard Trump’s bid for the presidency as a viable option, or that protest votes should default to third-party candidates. We respect their opinions, but there is one choice, and only one choice, if America has any hope of sustaining its world leadership position and upholding the ideals laid out by the Founding Fathers.

That choice is Hillary Clinton.

Terre Haute Tribune Star:

Hillary Clinton is clearly the better choice to serve as America’s 45th president in a complex world. Her skill set and experience match the deep and broad demands of that difficult office. Trump, through his immature actions and statements, has conclusively proven that he represents a threat to the republic and the values upon which its foundation was built.

A new president must tackle, with Congress, domestic issues such as immigration, health care, homeland security, economic inequality, the federal deficit, discrimination, crime and gun violence. The priorities extend beyond the U.S. borders. America’s leader needs to be a student of international politics to work with a disparate array of foreign leaders to combat ISIS and terrorist organizations, nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, Russian aggression in neighboring states, China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and to navigate trade agreements.

Clinton understands those complicated situations. She honed the necessary traits through eight years as first lady, eight as a U.S. senator and four as secretary of state. The presidency is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants style role. Steadiness, rational thinking, thick skin, mental toughness, diplomacy, bipartisanship, patience and forethought are essential. Clinton meets that standard.

Joplin Globe:

We know that many of Clinton’s values are not in alignment with yours. The same is true for us. Her political viewpoints often contrast with the more conservative viewpoints of the Globe’s editorial board. At any other time and with any other candidates, The Joplin Globe’s endorsement likely would have gone a different way.

But there are 50 former senior Republican national security officials, Chertoff among them, who have signed a letter warning Trump would be a dangerous commander in chief. Other top Republicans who say they will vote for Clinton include former President George H.W. Bush; former Virginia Sen. John Warner, a veteran of the Republican national security establishment; and Henry Paulson, a former Treasury secretary in George W. Bush’s administration. Clearly, this election is different.

When it comes to the future security of America — the most important issue of our time — Clinton is the candidate who makes the most sense.

Donald Trump has yet to receive a single newspaper endorsement this year. This is something considering newspapers in this country have traditionally leaned Republican.

John McCain had plenty of endorsements. So did Mitt Romney. Trump promises to wind up with a perfect zero.

I don't know what the New York Post or the Washington Times will do. Those papers would be the ones most likely to endorse him, but they might take the chickenshit way out and not endorse this year at all.

There are some weeklies that have endorsed HRC, but I will get to those later on today if I remember to do it.

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