Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements

More for Hillary Clinton:

Hackensack Record:

IT IS not about red states. Or blue states. It is about 50 states. The Union. Not a perfect nation. But a great nation. We have triumphs and failures, but central to our existence is the responsibility given to us by the Founders to elect our representatives in Congress and our chief executive. So when we choose our next president on Nov. 8, we must look at the two major party candidates in their totality. Who they were, who they are and who we hope they will be if elected to the highest office in the land.

The choice is clear: Hillary Clinton. She is qualified, prepared and capable.

The Brunswick Times Record:

Hillary Clinton is the nation’s last, best hope for defeating Trump. Liberals could cast a protest vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, a public health expert and activist, whose sole experience in elected office consists of serving as a representative to Town Meeting in Lexington, Massachusetts. However, the real danger of a Trump presidency is too great for one to throw away one’s vote on a candidate whose public career is more concerned with the cause de jours than with public service and who — like Johnson — has no shot at winning.

Clinton is the most qualified candidate for president in recent memory. She has a thick enough skin to overcome challenges foreign and domestic. She’s proven her staying power in the face of relentless personal attacks and witch-hunts.

During Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, she was an advocate of human rights for all, including women and the LGBT community. At home, she was a trailblazer in the fight for universal health care.

She supports a raise in the minimum wage and automatic voter registration for all citizens, and opposes the type of trickle-down economics that benefits the super rich and hurts the middle class.

She is qualified, capable and the only serious choice on Nov. 8. We endorse Hillary Clinton.

Santa Cruz Sentinel:

For all her flaws, Clinton towers over her opponent, who used his hulking size to stalking effect Sunday night as he paced back and forth and invaded her personal space while she droned on with pat answers to questions from voters and debate moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz.

While we can all wish that better candidates were running — Aleppo anyone? — voters, unfortunately, can’t just turn away and hope things turn out OK. With a fact-addled demagogue like Trump running — how can so-called religious leaders on the right still be standing by him? — the option of turning over the world’s future security to this reality-TV bromancer of Vladimir Putin is beyond comprehension.

We can think of many reasons not to elect Hillary Clinton, but so many more to elect her just to ensure Trump doesn’t get within visiting privileges of the White House.

The Goshen News has the same editorial as the Jeffersonville News and Tribune.

No Donald Trump:

The Daily Hampshire Gazette and The Recorder have the same editorial:

There was something distinctly predatory about Donald Trump’s demeanor during Sunday’s presidential debate, as he glowered and growled and stalked about the stage, ignoring the ordinary Americans who had gathered there to ask heartfelt and important questions. Instead, Trump did his best to loom over, insult and bully opponent Hillary Clinton.

Why are we not surprised?

Friday’s release of a tape showing Trump bragging about the pleasure he took in forcibly kissing and sexually assaulting women was just the latest evidence that the Republican candidate is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It is now up to voters to ensure he is denied the thing he wants most — the American presidency.

Charleston Gazette-Mail:

In his speech announcing his candidacy, Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Though “some, I’m sure, are good people.” He’s threatened to deport 11 million Muslims and can’t hold back from making crude comments about other groups of Americans.

The so-called reality TV star has repeatedly insulted and offended anyone who does not glamorize and fawn over him.

Trump has shown repeatedly he lacks the common decency to be a true gentleman, let alone a trusted leader of the free world. A person who can’t treat women, minorities, opponents and others with basic decency and respect does not deserve to be elected to the highest office in the land.

York Daily Record:

Way back in August, YDR’s editorial board wrote, “There is almost no way the York Daily Record will endorse Donald J. Trump for president.”

Two months have passed, and only one thing has changed: Scratch the “almost” wiggle room we allowed ourselves.

There is no way we could endorse Donald Trump. He is without doubt the most unqualified and temperamentally unfit candidate the Republican Party has ever put atop its ticket.

It’s sad and disconcerting to drive around York County and see so many Trump yard signs.

Do his supporters not see what a bully and a buffoon he is?

Can they not see his greed and hypocrisy?

Are they not troubled by his stiffing of the workers who built his gleaming, mirage of an empire? Or by his negotiation via lawsuit?

No endorsement:

Bristol Herald Courier:

Feckless or ineffective? America, take your pick.

With a month to go to the presidential election and a campaign field littered with scandal and idiocy, we here at The Bristol Herald-Courier are still no closer to offering you, our loyal readers, a suggestion for how to vote.

Hillary Clinton (the Democrat): Cold, too shrewd by half, scheming, analytical and disconnected, who, if elected, will just be another four to eight years of the Obama administration, only in a pant suit.

Donald Trump (the Republican, or so he claims): Bombastic, bigoted, emotionally unstable, a lightning rod for litigation. His four to eight years would be -- who knows, insert a question mark here, because he's yet to provide details other than "huge" and "great" -- only with pouty lips, “small-hand” gestures and ridiculous, possibly fabricated hair.
So, this is The Herald-Courier's non-endorsement endorsement. Either candidate is no choice at all. Neither can lay claim to being a statesman. Er, stateswoman.

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