Monday, October 03, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements

The Sacramento Bee says there are many reasons to support and vote for Hillary Clinton for president, and they go way beyond the fact she is not Donald Trump:

She can step in as commander in chief on Day One, which in this dangerous, complicated world is no small matter.

She is well-equipped to navigate foreign policy, collecting a wealth of knowledge and credibility as the most-traveled secretary of state in our nation’s history. She visited 112 nations during her four years in office, met dozens of leaders around the globe and knows how diplomacy works – and it’s not the bluster and ultimatums Trump believes in. While she would be the first former secretary of state to become president since 1857, the job was a common stepping-stone in the early days of the republic.

Clinton has a real plan to defeat the Islamic State that stays true to our values, unlike the un-American, anti-Islamic crusade that Trump is trying to pass off as a strategy.

The same huge gaps in experience and policy carry over to domestic policy. Having served in the U.S. Senate and as first lady, Clinton knows the ways of Washington, D.C. – and the overarching need to compromise and somehow lessen destructive partisanship.

Clinton offers many of the right policies to strengthen the middle class and make the economy work for more Americans. Unlike the millionaire-friendly tax cuts Trump wants (including a windfall to wealthy families by repealing the so-called death tax), Clinton proposes tax relief that is squarely aimed at working families.

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