Sunday, October 09, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements

Lots more for Hillary Clinton:

Enid News and Eagle:

For our newspaper — a historically conservative voice in a conservative, Republican region of arguably the reddest state in the union — endorsing a Democrat for president is truly an exception.

But this is not a routine campaign. In fact, Nov. 8 will see the most crucial presidential election race in contemporary American history.

Realistically, we have only two candidates for president, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, though other names will appear on the ballot. As has been demonstrated time and again in recent months, Trump does not have the skills, experience or temperament to hold office. For voters, Clinton is the only reasonable choice.

We have policy disagreements with Clinton, but she is competent and capable of handling the incredible responsibility of being our nation’s commander in chief and leader of the free world. She has a record of public service as a senator, secretary of state and first lady. She has the temperament and experience to be president.

The Olympian:

There is no better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton for president of the United States in 2016.

Clinton is highly qualified and experienced on the world stage. She’s flawed in her reluctance to be candid at times, but well informed and more reliably on the side of those who make up the political and economic middle and disenfranchised than the alternative.

Republican Donald Trump is simply unqualified, unsteady and dangerous — an angry man seemingly eager to stir up a mob or turn a bellicose voice toward other nations.


Waynesboro News Virginian:

Hence, our opposition to Trump has nothing to do with the letter “R” after his name — or the letter “D,” “L” or “G” after his opponents’. Instead, it has everything to do with his total lack of fitness to serve as president.

The lewd, misogynistic and sexually deviant comments Trump made on a tape that surfaced Friday is just the latest in the growing catalogue of evidence showing how unsuited the Republican nominee is to lead this nation. Some in the GOP have tried to crudely defend Trump by invoking former President Bill Clinton’s own record of misogyny. Problem is, “Bill” is not the Clinton who is running for president.

Raleigh News & Observer:

Most Americans are not fooled. Clinton leads easily among women, minorities and the college educated. But Trump remains a viable candidate because he has the overwhelming support of one large demographic: white male voters without college degrees.

These white men are not saps. Most work hard, want what’s best for their families and revere their nation. They’re supporting a man for president who is nothing like themselves, but who appeals to their anxiety and anger. They have been left behind in regions stripped of manufacturing jobs by globalization. They are coping with a digital revolution that is changing commerce and work. They see the rich get richer and their own wages stagnate. Their difficulties have been overlooked by liberals focused on minorities, immigrants, gay rights and climate change. They’ve been used by Republicans who play on their patriotism, religion and values – and then deliver tax cuts to the rich.

Their discontent is not something Trump created. It is something Democrats have ignored and Republicans have exploited. And so it and Trump are with us now.

The election of Hillary Clinton will begin to close this divide. The election of Donald Trump will make it wider. His victory would give license to the worst instincts of the disaffected, turn Americans against one another by race and religion and deny the embracing and revolutionary credo of our nation, “Out of many, one.”


Niagara Gazette:

In this year’s presidential race, only one candidate has any idea what it means to serve something greater than self or the proven ability to do so, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton. Clinton has significant experience as a public servant, including eight years as First Lady, eight as a U.S. Senator and four as Secretary of State. She is smart, diplomatic, poised and worldly. She has a clear-eyed take on the universe and her place in it. She is an adult.

If that seems an odd way to endorse someone for president, consider Clinton’s opponent. Donald Trump is living proof that a level of maturity is not to be taken for granted even in would-be leaders of the free world. Trump does not know his place in the universe. Unlike the rest of us, he never stopped thinking he was the center of it. His view of the world is that of a child, narrow and myopic and self-absorbed. He is thin-skinned, temperamental, petulant and mean. He is a playground bully with no impulse control. And that’s not the worst of it.

Kokomo Tribune:

The presidency demands an even temper, curiosity, patience, diplomatic skills and self-restraint. The man or woman elected to that office truly is the leader of the free world. Hillary Clinton has exhibited such traits as first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state.

And on government policies, through which we endeavor to improve the lives of every American, the differences between Clinton and Trump are revealed.

Mankato Free Press:

The U.S. president has always been the world leader our allies could trust and hard-working Americans could count on to solve pressing problems while bringing us together to be part of the solution.

Successful presidents have an optimistic view of not only what our country is but what it can be. Presidents must have an intellectual capacity to understand the gravity of events that put American public safety at risk and a passion to carry others with us in fighting for peace here and abroad. A president must have sound judgment in a volatile world and an ability to build coalitions that will keep all the citizens of the world safe and striving for freedom.

Clinton is the only candidate in this election who can meet the high expectations Americans set for their president.

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