Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The October Surprise

Who needs Julian Assange when you have William Weld?

Weld, who is on the Libertarian Party ticket with dipshit extraordinaire Gary "Aleppo" Johnson, has all but quit the ticket in his quest to prevent Donald Trump from being president.

It isn't an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, mind you, but the implication is hard to miss.

As some presumably small portion of Americans sat through a dull debate between the Republican and Democratic vice-presidential nominees on Tuesday night, a far more interesting drama was unfolding within the Libertarian ticket. VP candidate Bill Weld told the Boston Globe that he plans to focus exclusively on attacking Donald Trump for the remainder of the campaign — essentially admitting that running mate Gary Johnson can not become president.

Trump has Weld’s “full attention,” he explained, because his agenda is so terrible it’s “in a class by itself.” “I think Mr. Trump’s proposals in the foreign policy area, including nuclear proliferation, tariffs, and free trade, would be so hurtful, domestically and in the world, that he has my full attention,” Weld said.

Apparently he avoided acknowledging that his new mission amounts to working to make Hillary Clinton president. He pointed out that he disagrees with Clinton on fiscal and military issues, though last week on MSNBC he said he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”

If Weld had run as a third-party candidate for president, I would have been worried about Clinton getting elected.

Update: Now Weld has denied it.

He'd be better off confirming it. Johnson is a bigger dipshit than Trump.

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