Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Tuesday Reads

Like Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's vault, the much-anticipated document dump by convicted rapist Julian Assange turned out to be a dud.

Just like the US candidate he supports, Donald Trump.

Assange may promise more Clinton leaks, real or fabricated, but he knows the presidential election is over with.

A brand new poll shows Hillary Clinton taking the lead in North Carolina.

Like I said, it is entirely possible this election will be a 1936-style blowout.

More evidence Trump wasn't all that as a businessman:

Abraham Wallach thought he had scored a major career break when Donald J. Trump hired him in 1990 for a senior executive role. Based on Mr. Trump’s boasting and gaudy lifestyle, Mr. Wallach imagined he would soon be leading impressive construction projects around the globe.

Instead, he found an array of failing enterprises, he recalled on Monday. Many top executives had departed the Trump Organization, and those who remained were often huddled in closed-door meetings with bankers and whispering worriedly among themselves.

“Everyone was very glum,” Mr. Wallach said. “It was like getting on the Titanic just before the women and children were moved to the lifeboats.”

Kind of like his presidential campaign.

Many Trump fans were very upset the Assange leaks never materialized.

Ana Navarro nailed it about Donald Trump.

“Look, man, if you dodged the draft four times, you really should not wage attacks against political — against prisoners of war or against people who served in the war,” she sternly advised. “You shouldn’t call them not strong enough. If you had your share of well-publicized infidelities, you really shouldn’t be attacking other people about their marriage challenges. If you look like you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in at least three years, maybe, just maybe, you should restrain yourself from calling a beauty queen ‘fat’ and ‘Miss Piggy.'”

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