Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate Live Stream

You can find it in many places, including here:

YouTube link:


My view: I give the edge to Mike Pence even though he lied his ass off and Kaine has command of the facts. Kaine did better towards the end when he talked about Russia and about the Clinton and Trump foundations. It is just Pence is a lot more polished and low key, while Kaine just would not shut up. He sounds like Donald Trump, and that is not a good thing. Thank God we are not actually voting for the VPs here, so this debate will have no effect on the polls.

Pence knows he is on a losing ticket, but I think this slick performance might be the starting point of a presidential run in 2020.

Kaine is not Joe Biden. Biden can interrupt, but he is a lot smarter person than Kaine. He is not abrasive.

Kaine may have won on the substance, but Pence won on the style.

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