Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cry Me a Goddamned River

Lots and lots of ignorant people keep voting against their economic interests. Trump and the GOP are going to do anything to help them? How stupid can they get? These white dudes are a bunch of sexist, racist jerks who think they deserve the best jobs just because they are white males. They can't be reached, so Dems need to just not bother with them. These guys keep voting the wrong way decade after decade. Let 'em wither and die. I stopped feeling sorry for them years ago because these morons or their fathers or grandfathers voted for Reagan, whose policies began the wholesale destruction of living standards.

If they are that dumb after thirty-five years not to understand what happened to this country, that it isn't the fault of immigrants (legal and illegal), women, and minorities their living standards have plummeted, then they are beyond hope. They are willfully stupid.

The only way these white dudes will ever come around is if we have another Great Depression. It has to be that bad for any sense at all to be knocked into their stupid heads.

More Democratic Party blaming them for not "communicating" with idiots who will NOT listen is here.

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