Wednesday, November 09, 2016

It Was a Nice Run While It Lasted

The country is dead.

It appears we have a somewhat similar situation to election 2000, where the Democrat actually won the popular vote, but the p.v. loser will instead take office. Donald Trump may not even make it to inauguration because of the Trump University charges and other scandals too numerous to mention. He sure as hell isn't bringing the jobs back. The GOP will most likely remove him when he is proven to be too much of a liability. Then we get Pence. All hell will break loose then.


Donald Trump just says a bunch of bullshit and people believe it because they WANT to. Of course, traitor Jeff Zucker of CNN was instrumental in foisting this cancer upon the American public. I shouldn't say this, but Zucker should be arrested, tried, and shot for treason against the United States. His so-called "news network" was nothing more than the American version of Pravda during this campaign.

It is going to be a very rough ride for the next few years.

I may have said it on this blog a few years ago, when the economy tanked, that the U.S. might have only a decade left. I didn't realize how right I was.

By the way, Donald Trump isn't so much Adolf Hitler as he is Idi Amin, who was an insane individual who "ruled" Uganda for many years.

I blogged this post years ago about the late Ugandan dictator:

I Found It!

This has nothing to do with Bill Bright or his Campus Crusade for Christ. Instead, I found the article about Idi Amin Dada I referred to in the post below.

It was Time, March 7, 1977, and the title was "Amin: The Wild Man of Africa." I remembered the way it was written, very well-written and pretty cutting against the murderous dictator.

A few excerpts, saving the best for last:

"Of all the places of Africa, none so epitomizes the beauty and mystery of the continent as Uganda. The poet's eye--or the camera's--rarely grasps its lyrical magic...

"Only one shadow mars this idyllic land: that of Uganda's porcine President-for-Life, Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, 49, a man of mercurial personality, who in a short six years has caught the world's attention with his unpredictable and often deadly antics. He is killer and clown, big-hearted buffoon and strutting martinet. He can be as playful as a kitten or as lethal as a lion. He stands 6 ft. 4 in. tall and carries a massive bulk of nearly 300 lbs. and within that girth courses the unharnessed ego of a small child, a craze for attention and reverence. Last week Idi Amin was playing to the hilt the role he loves best: he was standing full-glare in the spotlight, forcing a major power into a state of consternation. He had done it before and in all probability will do it again...

"That the Americans would be safe from harm was widely accepted. Amin kills his own countrymen, rarely foreigners. Still, the man's long history of abnormal behavior worried Washington. 'Goddammit,' said one [Carter] White House adviser, 'why couldn't our first crisis have been a more dignified one?'"

Indeed. Now here is the part I hinted at earlier. It's amazing how one section can take hold in the mind 26 years after reading it:

"The worst fate is to be taken in by Amin's personal goon squad, the oddly named State Research Bureau (S.R.B.), a sadistic crew of sports-shirted killers who wear dark glasses even at night and seem to have carte blanche to kill. They will flag down a car in broad daylight in downtown Kampala and drag the terrified driver out and lock him in the car trunk, then drive the car away, all in full view of passive onlookers who know better than to protest or intervene. Not a single person bundled off in this manner is seen alive again. A day or two later, the body, badly bloated and mutilated by fish and crocodiles, turns up floating in the Nile or Lake Victoria. Some of the corpses are dragged up on shore by hyenas and further savaged.

"The prevailing sense of horror is perhaps best described by the acrocryphal tale of a freezer in Amin's house that contains the heads of his most distinguished victims [giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "head of state"], including the former Chief Justice: from time to time, the story goes, Amin walks over to the freezer to lecture his frozen audiences about the evils of their ways..." (excerpts pages 18-24)

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