Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Jeff Zucker, Even More Than Comey or Putin or Dirty Tricksters Like Roger Stone,

is responsible for the destruction of the United States of America with the "election"--not by popular vote--of his longtime buddy Donald Trump by creating a "movement" for him.

Remember, Zucker ran NBC when Trump had his TV gig, The Apprentice.

There was no real movement for Donald Trump at all until Zucker got into the hype once he took over CNN:

“It does so happen that Jeff Zucker was in positions during the career of Donald Trump where he had the opportunity to use Donald Trump to his advantage on the air, ” Robert Thompson, Director of Belier Center for Television & Popular Culture at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, told TheWrap.

“‘The Apprentice’ was very good for NBC,” he noted. “It fashioned and reshaped Donald Trump for a new audience, many of whom didn’t even know who he was when that show started… Now Zucker is at CNN and, once again, seems to be using Donald Trump to both of their benefits.”

This time, however, the stakes are much higher: The presidency. They are especially high for many of Zucker’s colleagues in the news and entertainment industries who consider Trump a bigoted blowhard.

“I’m struggling with it,” said one longtime friend, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Privately, friends of Zucker suggest that he is both aware of his unusual role in Trump’s rise, and reveling in the ratings success.

A sociopathic asshole just like his hero Donald.

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