Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday Reads

Donald Trump's staff has taken his favorite toy away from him.

At first I thought this was a joke, but it isn't:

"Aides to Mr. Trump have finally wrested away the Twitter account that he used to colorfully -- and often counterproductively -- savage his rivals," the Times wrote. According to the report into the Republican nominee's last few days on the campaign trail:

"Taking away Twitter turned out to be an essential move by his press team, which deprived him of a previously unfiltered channel for his aggressions.

Which is a tactic admission he is unfit to be president.

Author Barbara Kingsolver calls out the horror show that is Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton has honoured the rules of civic duty and met the prerequisites for a candidate, bringing a lifetime of pertinent experience, an inquiring mind, a record of compassionate service and a sound grasp of our nation’s every challenge, from international relations to climate change; her stated desire is to work hard for our country and its future.

Her opponent has no political experience, a famously childish temperament, no interest in educating himself on any subject, a manifest record of shortchanging employees, bankrupting businesses, cheating on wives, dodging taxes and serving absolutely no one but himself. His mission is to elevate the self-regard of some Americans by degrading many others, including Muslims, Mexican immigrants, people with disabilities, residents of African-American communities, women he finds beautiful and women he does not.

Obituary: Former attorney general (under Bill Clinton) Janet Reno, 78, has died from complications of Parkinson's disease:

Reno became the first female attorney general after President Clinton nominated her Feb. 11, 1993. Just a month later, she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Upon her retirement Jan. 20, 2001, she became the second longest-serving attorney general after William Wirt. Reno, who was born July 21, 1938, in Miami, Florida, studied chemistry during the late 1950s at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After receiving her undergraduate degree there, she graduated from Harvard Law School in 1963. After working for two Miami legal firms, she became state's attorney for Miami-Dade County. She served in that capacity from 1978 to 1993. - See more at:

She was hated by the right, especially over the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, Texas.

Will Robert Durst get away with murder again?

He has pleaded not guilty in the murder of close friend Susan Berman in 2000.

He may die before he ever goes to trial.

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