Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Newspaper Endorsements 1

Last bunch of dailies from the past few days:

For Hillary Clinton:

The Citizen:

With two candidates so flawed, it's important to give consideration to third-party entries. Unfortunately, this year's ballot does not offer any candidates who demonstrated they were qualified for the job. We also don't believe it's proper for a newspaper to decline to endorse a candidate, because our democracy requires that at the end of the day, people do their duty by making a decision in the voting booth. We owe it to our readers to offer a recommendation.

With all we've witnessed over this long, grueling campaign, it's clear that the better path forward for the United States is with Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, in the White House.


Amid all the sound and fury surrounding the candidacy of Donald Trump, the fact that Hillary Clinton would shatter “the highest glass ceiling” and become our first female president has almost been lost in the shuffle. And it stands to reason that at least a portion of the fervent opposition to Clinton is based on misogyny, whether her detractors like to admit it or not. She is not an inspiring campaigner and Clinton has been an undeniably controversial figure throughout her 25 years on the national stage. But she is also exceptionally well-qualified to be the nation’s commander in chief after having been first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state. A pragmatist with an acute understanding of both foreign and domestic policy, she is well-positioned to safeguard and build on the successes of the Obama years, and move the country forward.

And since American presidential elections are almost inevitably a binary choice, Clinton stands head and shoulders above her Republican rival. Donald Trump is almost certainly the worst candidate either major party has put forward in 100 years. Maybe ever. His character defects, from his volitale temper to his behavior toward women, are well-chronicled. But what makes the prospect of a Trump presidency particularly frightening are his authoritarian impulses and his disregard for constitutional norms. This is the candidate who proclaimed “I alone can fix it” when accepting his party’s nomination. He pledged to implement a “complete and total shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States, applying an unconstitutional and discriminatory religious test when determining who can enter the country. He wants to loosen libel laws and has threatened to throw Clinton in jail. He has encouraged violence at his rallies and hinted that supporters should intimidate voters in “certain areas.” Trump is not only inexperienced and incurious, but would be a threat to our country’s system of governance.


Ours is not a backhanded endorsement. Clinton, by experience, competence, temperament and familiarity with how the American constitutional republic actually works, is qualified for the presidency.

She has a history of public service, especially with regard to children’s issues, that dates back to her college years. She is almost universally acknowledged, even by Trump, to be a diligent and tireless worker. The Dallas Morning News noted, in its first presidential endorsement of a Democrat since World War II, that more than two-thirds of Clinton’s bills as a U.S. senator had Republican co-sponsors, so her ability to work across party lines is a matter of record.

She left her post as secretary of state in 2013 — after the tragic events in Benghazi, but before they had morphed from tragedy to would-be political scandal — with a 69 percent approval rating, according to the Wall Street Journal. Brent Scowcroft, former national security adviser to two Republican presidents, said Clinton “helped broker a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, assembled a global coalition to impose sanctions on Iran, and played a crucial role in persuading Iran to accept limits on its nuclear program.”


Battle Creek Enquirer:

What’s important here is the emergence of a coalescing force to rage against what has become decades of political stonewalling by power brokers defiant of the best interests of our nation and our people.

We saw it in the upstart candidacy of Bernie Sanders, who tapped into the liberal-progressive wing of the disillusioned. He ran against the Democratic machine that anointed Hillary Clinton, challenging the structural inertia with populist ideals.

Mainstream Republicans, in disarray after a third straight fractious primary season, watched helplessly as Trump amassed the delegates to win their nomination.

So here we are.

The choice? There is no choice. We endorse Hillary Clinton as the only qualified candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Valley News:

This year, though, it is necessary to think also of Richard Nixon, who looked into the face of America in 1968 and saw reflected there his own tormented soul, with all of its insecurities and resentments and hatreds, and who exploited and deepened the nation’s divisions with grievous consequence.

Donald Trump’s America is one made in his own image. We urge voters to choose instead to live in Hillary Clinton’s America. Flawed though it may be, it keeps faith with the proposition that people are capable of living together peacefully, if occasionally uncomfortably, and solving their problems through democratic self-government.

Finger Lakes Times:

We’ll leave you with this one last thought: We live in a region that includes the home of women’s rights. Where people like Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mary Ann M’Clintock dedicated their lives to fighting for a woman’s right to vote. They succeeded, and in doing so inspired generations of women to keep fighting — for equal rights and equal pay, a struggle that continues today.

In this critical moment, it’s time to elect the first woman to the office of President of the United States, despite her shortcomings. History’s daughters will thank you.

The Trentonian:

A Clinton Presidency would help build a democracy that doesn’t objectify women and diminish the potential of girls. Our daughters should grow up in a world where the leader of our country isn’t someone who openly degrades women and speaks of their value in terms of how attractive he believes they are. It’s also disturbing that any person, regardless of gender, would let this slide from a person who wants to be President. A potential President talking this way emboldens other misogynists to disrespect and abuse women.

Women and girls should be able to know that their gender won’t keep them from achieving at any level, even to be President. Clinton has vowed to close the pay gap and would be an inspiration to young women who want to be President or achieve any goal.

That is a far cry from a man who thinks that it is okay to grab women by their genitals and thinks of them first as sexual object, then as people. The disturbing thing about his “grab them by the p****” comment wasn’t the language used, but the action and attitude expressed. Touching a person in a sexual way without their permission is sexual assault. There is no grey area in that. His language used isn’t family-friendly, but the word itself is just ugly. The action is criminal. The attitude expressed is disturbing, and a far cry from someone who is fit to lead our country.

Clinton also was endorsed by 148 weeklies, a few of which were excerpted here on this blog. Here is the list.


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