Thursday, November 10, 2016

No, Thomas Frank, You Are Wrong

Remember that Hillary Clinton won the most votes in this election. Thomas Frank has made lots of money giving whiny little analyses bashing Democrats. Here he is refusing to face the truth of why Trump got elected, at least by the EC vote.

Liberals didn't have anything to do with it, you shithead.

This was the first election in history where a major news organization openly pimped for one candidate to the exclusion of others and literally created this deranged or motley mob of Trump supporters. One person, and only one person, is responsible for creating this CANCER on the body politic, and that is Jeff Zucker, head of CNN.

So the article is total bullshit. The blame rests squarely on the media, specifically with Jeff Zucker of CNN and longtime buddy of Donald Trump's since the days when Zucker headed NBC when Trump had his gig "The Apprentice." You only had to watch CNN's fawning coverage of Trump, 24/7, month after month, to know this is fact. The conflict of interest between Zucker and this Pat Paulsen wannabe was never disclosed until very late in the primaries. By then, the damage was done because then there was a big cult following of this dipshit who should never have made it past the Iowa straw poll. You have some 59 million people who voted for this nutcase, which is why I call these people ignorant, and willfully ignorant. But it was the media that started this. The media had no ethical right to push any candidate, let alone one to the exclusion of all others. It is not journalism but propaganda. If Adolf Hitler had had CNN, he would have taken over the world.

Other media outlets also were involved, but it all started with Jeff Zucker. The others followed suit when they saw that Zucker got ratings and money for 24/7 coverage. This despite the fact Zucker was undermining the democratic process by CNN not being a news organization but a propaganda outfit. I followed the GOP campaign throughout and even closer than the Dems since the outcome there was a foregone conclusion. It just horrified me what CNN was doing. Every single time I turned on the TV, there was Trump's mug doing some interview or he was giving a speech repeating the same crap he is still repeating. There was NO critical analysis of Trump at all during the early part of the campaign. CNN was the first and biggest offender. It created this deranged mob of Trump supporters. If it were up to me, Jeff Zucker would be arrested and charged with treason against the United States.

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