Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Of Course Sexism Has A Lot To Do With It

There is no point in denying it played a huge role in the media coverage of the campaign and the main role in the stupid white dudes' votes for Donald Trump.

Lynn Sherr is a respected broadcast journalist who has to despair of what went down in this campaign.

Many on the left, many being sexist white dudes themselves, deny the obvious. They want to blame the Democratic Party for not throwing the changing demographics of this country under the bus.

These entitled white dudes were not going to vote Democratic anyway because they fell sucker to a DEMAGOGUE who has no intention of improving their standard of living. They hate women and minorities and Trump pandered to that hatred. They are basically stupid and thirty years too late to do anything about reversing the course of the economy. A lot of them are MRA types that despise women. The younger guys especially have had their brains addled with online porn and have a similar screwed-up attitude toward more than half of the human race.

The Sanders/Michael Moore types continue to engage in the fantasy these white dudes can be reasoned with. They can't. They can't be fixed because most of them are not intelligent and cannot be reasoned with. They have to literally lose everything they have got and be kicked in the head to have sense knocked in them, and even then, it is doubtful it would work.

They have been RAISED by sexist, racist parents, and it is difficult if not impossible for them to overcome that upbringing.

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