Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sexism Plays a Large Part--the Major Part--With These Trump Dudes

Putting aside the main reason Trump is even remotely close to the White House--the media pimping for him nonstop for months--sexism is the driving force in this farce of an election:

No one factor can fully explain Trump’s victory. America’s out-of-control political polarization means that many people would vote for Trump no matter what he did, just because he had “Republican” next to his name on the ballot. Trump’s strong support among whites demonstrates how racial resentment played into his victory. His dominance in rural areas suggests a deep anxiety over not just economic security, but the loss of an entire way of life. And the role of voters who support authoritarianism can’t be ignored.

At the same time, the role of hostility toward women hasn’t been discussed nearly enough. The more “hostile sexist” attitudes voters held, according to research by political scientists Carly Wayne, Nicholas Valentino, and Marzia Oceno, the more likely they were to vote for Trump. Hostility to women predicted voters’ support for Trump just as strongly as racial resentment, and even more strongly than affinity for authoritarianism.

They are fucking MRA types, and more than a few are totally addled with porn.

The resentment is the same type that these morons used against affirmative action.

These idiots are so entitled, they actually think they got jobs because on "merit" rather than the fact they had white skin and dicks. They think they are entitled to make more money--especially compared to women--because they have "families to support" (never mind the wife is usually working so these families can enjoy comfortable lifestyles that they wouldn't have otherwise). The minute the government does the most modest thing to level the playing field for others to at least have a shot at the American dream, these assholes scream bloody murder.

The same mindset is at work regarding illegal immigration. Never mind this exists because of EMPLOYERS HIRING THEM.

There is no fixing these dudes. There is no way to reach them. They have been conditioned from childhood to believe they are better than everybody else because they are white dudes. They have voted the wrong way for decades.

And I am supposed to have sympathy for these jackasses who lost their jobs?

I say to hell with them. Cut them loose and let them wither.

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