Thursday, November 03, 2016

Some Personal Stuff

I am currently working on getting my novel, Lesson Plans, put on Kindle. I likely will wait until the first of the year to get it "live" on the system.

I don't know why I am waiting because I could just upload the thing right now, but suppose I actually make money on it and I don't receive my early Social Security, which I will be getting on around February 15 of next year, if by some huge miracle I actually make a pile off of it?

I spent 15 months writing the novel, which is based on many of my own experiences, while I spent another four or five weeks going through it again with editing. I might still do another editing job on it before releasing it to the public.

Of course, so many people are publishing on Kindle now, it is probably harder than ever to be recognized as an author. The old days of marketing your own hard copy book was extremely difficult and expensive and still is. And what about trying to get an agent and peddling a book to major publishers? Almost impossible if one isn't a celebrity or an established writer.

Years and years ago, my mother thought I should try my hand at writing. However, being single made such ideas nearly impossible to achieve. I read books on it, and I decided against it. Since writing is self-employment, it is impossible to make a living at it unless there is another income stream. That typically means a working spouse or having a trust fund of some kind.

My nephew, a graduate of Southern Oregon University, for several years tried his hand at being a freelance writer. He even wound up getting an agent. He is a good writer, but it wasn't a reliable source of income. He ended up working as a technical writer for a software company in the Portland area, making a good salary; in other words, he is working a regular job with benefits while being able to use his skills. He will probably stay there for a long time.

I am coming near the "end" of my working career being close to 62 (though I doubt I will EVER be able to retire). My living circumstances are such I don't have a whole lot of expenses. Since I have a part-time job, I am able to use my free time to be able to pursue interests like this.

We will see what happens...

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