Sunday, November 13, 2016

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Of course Jeff Zucker stood by Corey L.'s hiring. Birds of a feather and all of that.

Of course Zucker had everything to do with making Donald Trump the nominee of the GOP.

Denial ain't just the name of a river in Egypt.

He lied his ass off about the blatant conflict of interest in an interview a few months ago:


Obituary: Noted musician Leon Russell, 74, has died. His wife said he died in his sleep. Russell had suffered from a number of ailments in recent years.


Russell's period of stardom as a performer was relatively brief but Elton John, who had once been Russell's opening act, engineered a comeback for him in 2010 when they collaborated on an album titled "The Union."

"He was my biggest influence as a piano player, a singer and a songwriter," John told ABC News.

Russell recorded more than 35 albums and also excelled as a songwriter for other performers. His "A Song for You" was recorded by Joe Cocker, the Carpenters, the Temptations, Neil Diamond, Lou Rawls, Dusty Springfield, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and his good friend Willie Nelson. The Carpenters, Reddy, Shirley Bassey, Robert Goulet and George Benson all covered Russell's "This Masquerade," with Benson's version winning the 1976 Grammy as record of the year.

Russell was known as "the master of space and time" in his '70s heyday. He wore a cocked top hat and, with salt-and-pepper hair past his shoulders and a beard that reached his chest, created an inscrutable image that was equal parts shaman, tent revival preacher and cosmic ringmaster.

America as we know it died this past election.

Here is a YouTube comment from about a month ago following a Harvard discussion which includes the traitor Zucker:

You're delusional Zucker, that monster and the CNN journalists never ever pushed him or held his feet to the fire. He was rarely challenged, rarely called on all his lies, we saw it back then and we had been Trump supporters until we saw the way you continued to give him a pass for which he NEVER SAID ANYTHING!! It was the fact that he NEVER said anything that made us say this idiot is a certifiable lunatic. We saw that early on, prob 5 mo into it And we couldn't understand why the hell no journalists were confronting him!?

We saw almost every time he was on, that there was never any policy. . . just all bullshit! Go back and watch that footage and if you still won't admit it then we think you're either a pos liar like Trump (which probably isn't too far fetched after hearing you in this interview) or in the beginning stages of dementia or some other mentally debilitating illness You, Zucker and CNN, as well as other stations, MADE/CREATED this vile monster and we're not surprised you don't agree here. His interviews WERE NOT "issue-oriented" bc we STILL do not know what is his platform is/was/could be etc.

You have no backbone, no soul, Zucker, to sit there and not make a statement on whether you think he's mentally fit. This savage animal could take our country down a deadly, alt right path that will take us dozens and dozens of years to try and recover from but you're spineless and don't want to comment on it. Why? Are you worried about backlash? If you're not for him, say so so people can look up to you and know you have some kind of moral compass. If you're supporting him, no wonder you won't talk. And if you are supporting him Zucker, mark these words, his alt right base will not give you any kind of free pass if they get riled up that you are a Jew!

Many years ago we heard a lot about you and the way you handled business behind the scenes from a family member who was working with you at the time - it wasn't complimentary and now we understand. Too bad you had the finger on the button at CNN during this last year bc anyone else - and the course of history could've been different. But you are now to be partially blamed and held responsible for the coverage this beast got and the alt-right vomit you let him spew and spew regularly, for which CNN rarely said anything on!

The bs and no-substance/so-called policy he flip flopped on continuously was outrageous. His pathological lies that everyone identified (except CNN journalists and you) went on and on and on. We would ask, when the hell are they going to call him on it? When are they going to press him? Why the hell are they not calling him a liar? But this vile racist, xenophobic, sexist pig with his rhetoric - who was beyond comprehensible - got a free pass at every turn with you. We were bombarded by the shit daily bc you wanted ratings!. You continued to give him air-time for ratings instead of doing what was best for our children, our country and shut it down.

The interviewer was right when she stated, correctly, you did not give HRC fair coverage and we're not saying this bc we're voting for her. We are not voting at all this year! We're saying this bc it's true. You had an agenda and now we must live with knowing he could've been stopped. We knew this pos was no good, we've known it for years, and heard all the talk throughout the years, and now to see he was a massive vicious predator as well - you're the only one who acts surprised Zucker. Really?

And since you're too spineless to speak about your political leanings, we wouldn't be surprised if you were supporting him too. But everyone in Hollywood who does vote for him will at some turn be exposed even if they're not talking about it in public now worried about the backlash. And the future for Trump supporters will have long term consequences not only on political careers but in business. Basically - people are good - and there are more good people in our country who want peace than there will ever be the number vile hating Trump supporters who want nothing but a cleansed society and to get there they must harm and terrorize!

And you Zucker, being a Jew, may find yourself and your family one day on their list too. Trump's alt-right followers look for every reason to single out Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and a game of Parcheesi with you will not be on their bucket list. They want a cleansed country and if he becomes President - they will feel even more empowered! They are already feeling very empowered as proved by the way they're already starting to target journalists, the media, how violent they get at rallies with people who disagree with them, those of color.

People are going to die, Zucker! People are going to get hurt whether god forbid he gets voted in - or he does not. This will not turn out well and you, Zucker, with your finger on the button there at CNN,. allowing him to have all that free reign, never calling out his shit - YOU created this monster! And any deaths that occur - will be partially bc of what you have done and on you! His supporters hate the media, search youtube for "CNN Sucks, Thousands Chant at Trump Rally." They are gunning for someone and this did not have to go this way. You were unfair in how you instructed CNN to handle the candidates and let me say, from my mouth to God's ears - - - I hope they don't come for you Zucker bc one more Jew will be a notch on their belt!


No doubt Trump will be gone one way or the other in short order. Unfortunately, then we will be stuck with Mike Pence.


Obituary: Actress Lupita Tovar, an impressive 106, has died. She appeared in the Spanish version of Dracula.

Lupita Tovar, a Mexican-born actress who began her Hollywood career in the silent era and went on to play an imperiled heroine in a racy Spanish-language version of “Dracula” and was once nearly drowned by an inebriated Buster Keaton while making another film, died Nov. 12 at her home in Los Angeles. She was 106.

Her grandson Paul Weitz, a movie director, writer and producer, confirmed the death and said the cause was a heart ailment.

Ms. Tovar, who was immortalized in a painting by her artist friend Diego Rivera, was the matriarch of a family involved in filmmaking for three generations. Her daughter, actress Susan Kohner, earned an Oscar nomination for “Imitation of Life” (1959), and her grandsons Chris and Paul Weitz co-directed such films as “American Pie” (1999) and “About a Boy” (2002).

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