Friday, November 11, 2016

"The Biggest Day in Our History"

So bragged CNN head and election kingmaker Jeff Zucker, oblivious to the undermining of the democratic process when he and his "news" organization openly pimped for his buddy Donald Trump and created this political Frankenstein.

Zucker was bragging about how the ratings went through the roof election night, when popular vote loser Trump somehow got the EC. No doubt he is pleased his friend got the election and would be guaranteed sky-high ratings and billions in ad revenue for the foreseeable future. If Hillary Clinton had won the EC, she would have been lousy for ratings, and CNN would have to find another airplane crash to obsess over for the next four years.

Couldn't let that happen, could we?

Which leads me to a post I wrote elsewhere and will share it here:

If people want to know what happened in this election, they need to take a look--again--at the movie Network. Only Paddy Chayefsky could have written a script for this debacle of an election.

We need to put the blame for this disaster where it belongs. It is not the fault of Hillary Clinton. It is not the fault of the Democratic Party. It is not the fault of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. It is not the fault of the Republican Party. It is not the fault of Putin. It is not the fault of Wikileaks. It is not the fault of James Comey and the FBI. It is not the fault of dirty tricksters like Roger Stone. It is not ultimately even the fault of the 59 million ignorant people who voted for this unfit, unqualified man. It belongs squarely on the American media, specifically CNN and its head Jeff Zucker. Without CNN, the candidacy of Donald Trump, which I believe originally was merely a way to further market his brand and not a serious candidacy, would have been treated as the Pat Paulsen joke candidacy that it was. It would have ended with the Iowa caucuses. There was no real groundswell of support for Trump among the grassroots until CNN and Zucker got into the act. Zucker and his network literally INVENTED Donald Trump the candidate.

Understand the purpose of a NEWS organization is to inform the public. The purpose of a NEWS organization is not to entertain. The purpose of a NEWS organization is NOT to promote the candidacy of ANY candidate, let alone one candidate to the exclusion of all others. However, CNN and Zucker did just that, promoted the candidacy of Donald Trump for months on end, 24/7, without any real critical analysis of him or his positions, shutting other candidates out, and all because Trump was seen by Zucker as good for the network's ratings and bottom line. Trump is also a friend of Zucker's.

What wasn't generally known during the primaries was the conflict of interest between Zucker and Trump. Zucker, who has no background as a journalist, went to work for NBC following graduation from Harvard, rising up the ranks. In 2000, he became NBC's president of entertainment. He was the president when Donald Trump had his hugely successful program The Apprentice. Donald Trump was a sure ratings winner. Later Zucker somehow got hired by CNN, a NEWS organization, not an entertainment one. He got the job in 2013 despite having no background in journalism. He was hailed by people at the network who should have known better. When his friend Donald Trump started on his quixotic quest for the presidency despite having no real qualifications for the job, Zucker thought giving Trump tons of free airtime would be great for ratings and great for ad revenue. It worked. For the first time in history, a major news organization was openly pimping for one candidate. The other GOP candidates had to make do with Fox News, but Fox and other news outlets ultimately succumbed to the Trump juggernaut created by Zucker and his network. The other GOP candidates didn't have a chance. CNN's actions literally undermined the democratic process. Trump's muddled message became even more and more demagogic, so it was inevitable that the Fox crowd of right-wing partisans would easily fall sucker to this message and take it to heart with a vengeance becoming as deranged as their leader. It turned into a messianic cult. The media abandoned any kind of civic responsibility toward the public.

And now we have this mess that may take years, if ever, to undo. Meanwhile, CNN's Zucker is just giddy because the ratings for election night were the best ever. He should be forced to resign or be fired. If I had any say, he would be charged and jailed for treason against the United States.

If Adolf Hitler had had CNN and Jeff Zucker, he'd have ruled the world.

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