Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Media Bears Full Responsibility for This DISASTER

The truth needs to be spread far and wide why this utter DIPSHIT won the Electoral vote:

But how to fill the rest of the time when either news wasn’t breaking or it didn’t come with ready-made, repeatable imagery? Cable news looked to entertainment TV. Keep in mind that the head of CNN, Jeff Zucker, fine-tuned the happy coexistence of news and entertainment as producer of NBC’s “The Today Show” and later became the network’s entertainment chief before moving to CNN.

The key to CNN’s success — and Zucker’s success as the network president — is a keen awareness that news has to be entertainment. We are long past the days when a middle-aged white man like Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather could sit behind an anchor desk every evening and deliver information with still images floating behind his head.

However, the purpose of a NEWS organization is NOT to entertain, let alone manufacture candidates and candidacies out of whole cloth merely for ratings and ad revenue. It is subversion of the election process. It amounts to treason against the United States.

This has never, ever happened before in the history of this country, indeed, the world.

A few days ago, Eric Alterman wrote about this epic FAIL by the media:

 If only… Under Jeff Zucker, CNN has come to symbolize the collapse of journalistic standards, sacrificing its credibility daily in pursuit of high ratings and ad revenue. Zucker recently went into high dudgeon when hacked e-mails released by WikiLeaks suggested that Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile, a CNN consultant, had leaked several questions in a Democratic primary debate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He called these actions “disgusting” and “unethical” and severed the network’s relationship with Brazile. OK, but it was Zucker who masterminded CNN’s hiring of Corey Lewandowski shortly after he physically assaulted a female reporter and was fired as Trump’s campaign manager. Bound by a nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreement with his former employer, CNN’s new contributor was still being paid by Trump and, according to The New York Times, secretly advising him. All this would make it impossible for Lewandowski to offer his honest opinion on anything save the time and weather. Yet Zucker couldn’t have cared less. “It’s really important to have voices on CNN who are supportive of the Republican nominee,” he explained. To which CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter delicately responded: “Television-wise, producer-wise, this makes perfect sense…. Journalistically, there are questions.”

Zucker is a fucking sociopath. There is no other word to describe him.


 In the final days of the campaign, virtually every media organization chased FBI chief James Comey’s nonstory about new Clinton e-mails as if it were the moon landing. Even The New York Times ran three stories above the fold the day after Comey made his phony pro-Trump intervention. Days before the election, The Toronto Star listed and categorized 560 lies that Trump told during the campaign. And yet when polled, Americans judged him to be more trustworthy than Clinton. It would be difficult to imagine a more damning indictment of our political media.

And still more:

Donald Trump has been elected president, but the big winner this election was the media.

It’s hard to see how Trump’s victory could’ve happened without the unprecedented free media he received – nearly $3 billion through April, according to one estimate.

And networks were eager to do it, with the increased viewership he brought.

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” CBS president Leslie Moonves said of Trump’s candidacy. “What can I say?... The money’s rolling in, and this is fun.”

While the media at large benefited from increased ratings and clicks from Trump’s run, CNN led the way.

From the moment Trump announced in June – calling Mexicans criminals and rapists – CNN provided him with disproportionate airtime.

“Honestly, I think I get better press from CNN than I do Fox,” Trump told Fox in December. “I don’t know why.”

CNN president Jeff Zucker said the coverage was appropriate since “the frontrunner always merits the most amount of attention.”

But CNN’s warped coverage started from the get-go, well before Trump attained the top Republican spot, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Clinton had to be denied the presidency she won because she wasn't good for ratings and ad revenue. It is as simple as that. Even if the media had to blatantly lie about her.

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