Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Reads

An audit SHOULD be done over those highly suspicious votes in WI, MI, and PA. I wouldn't be surprised if those states were subjected to hacking.

Of course Obama being what he is, he will be "nice" to Trump and want a peaceful transition. This despite the fact he is a popular vote LOSER and so many states were suspiciously close.

Next thing you know, the MRAs will call Actinpieces a misandrist or whatever it is called:

Actinpieces is exclusively ridden by Gina Andrews or, if she's not available, then her little sister Bridget climbs into the saddle. When 18-year-old Jack tried to step in for his sisters, it didn't end well.

"She tried to buck him off as soon as he got on," Sly reveals, followed by a devilish laugh
"When he went to get on her she tried to bite him," explains jockey Gina. "It's quite funny because she doesn't normally do it when I get on. She's only had women riders."

Jack shouldn't take it personally, Actinpieces is clearly a woman-only horse.

For the record, she won her latest race.

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