Monday, November 21, 2016

You Stupid White Dude Assholes

You expect US, the majority of those who voted, to give a SHIT about your plight after you have voted the wrong way time after time, year after year, decade after decade? Give me a fucking break.

And some of those goddamned rust belt states put in "right-to-work," thus eroding living standards even more. You stupid white dudes VOTED for these politicians instituting these laws. We Democrats are supposed to fucking CARE about you because you entitled bastards are hurting, can't cut it in retraining for jobs, or you can't go camping or RV-ing like you used to do with your wives or girlfriends? Thirty-five years of wrongheaded voting, and you STILL can't get it right? You want sympathy because you are a racist, sexist, entitled white dude?

Give me a fucking break.

There is NO excuse voting for GOP if you are not rich. None.

Of course, DEMOCRATS are to blame because these MORONS refuse to listen to reason. Put the blame everywhere instead of where it belongs.

These people are willfully STUPID. You can't fix them.

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