Saturday, November 12, 2016

Zucker, Inc., or, I Am Not Making This Shit Up Why the Election Turned Out the Way It Did

And somehow I missed this piece from the WP from last month spelling out just why this election was a fucked-up mess.

The blame falls squarely on the media in general and Jeff Zucker in particular.

It was Zucker, after all, who as the new head of NBC Entertainment gave Trump his start in reality TV with “The Apprentice” and then milked the real estate developer’s uncanny knack for success for all it was worth in ratings and profits.

“The show was built as a virtually nonstop advertisement for the Trump empire and lifestyle,” according to the book “Trump Revealed,” by Washington Post journalists Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish.

And it succeeded wildly — boosting the network’s ratings, as well as Zucker’s meteoric career. In turn, under Zucker, the show gave rise to “Celebrity Apprentice,” another Trump extravaganza. And, in turn, Zucker became the head of NBC overall.

This is totally unethical and borders on treason against the United States. The media messing around with promoting a candidate, let alone one candidate to the exclusion of all others, is heinous because of the nature of the media and its influence on public opinion.

It crosses the line into outright propaganda.

Zucker WANTED Trump to win. So did the other broadcast/cable media outlets. And why? Because Trump was a big bucks/ratings bonanza while Hillary Clinton was not.

Now this country is fucked because of this asshole Zucker.

Zucker belongs in prison.

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