Saturday, December 24, 2016

Delusional Dudes

Sometimes for fun I will go to the online dating sites or places like Craigslist just to see "what" is out there.

I am way past my "sell-by" date according to the male sexist assholes who tend to populate these sites looking for somebody to fuck and fuck over.

Anyway, Craigslist had a couple of these delusional guys recently.

Here is one:


I am a nice looking 59 year old man looking for a younger woman for dating and a possible relationship.
As I mentioned below, I've never married and have no children.
I'm also very active and young at heart.
Most women my age are at a different place in their lives and just don't seem compatible.
I love children so please respond whether you have kids or not.

About Me:
I'm always in a good mood and fun to be around. Never married, no children. I love kids even though I have none of my own. I coach baseball and teach golf to kids. Romantic and affectionate, I know how to treat a lady.
I also have a great job that I like.

I do think that an older man has more to offer a lot of the time.
I guess it depends on what a young lady is looking for?

Please send a picture and I will send one in return.

I would really like to hear from you.


Never grew up obviously because this run-down corpse of a guy has never looked in a mirror for maybe 20 years or else he wouldn't think he was entitled to a "younger woman."

Another one is a semiliterate 70-year-old bodybuilder type with tattoos all over his body who thinks he can actually attract a forty year old. There are pictures of him without his shirt on, with those goddamned disgusting tattoos.

I loathe tattoos on both men and women. He isn't all that in the looks department, either.

The post:


im *** a personel fitnes trainer rancher and competative powerlifter divorced 2 children not at home i love to hunt and fish and kayak the rogue river not a couch potato i am still competing and won the world championships on nov 5th 2013 in reno im looking for a lifetime comittment i want to get married again looking for small to medium build lady no couch potatoes ages from 40 to 60 check out my profile thanks i love to cook and am exelent at it i dont do fast foods but i do go out to dinner on special times i love going to the movies or watching one at home love to cuddle children are grown now its my time im just a big teddy bear please no fakes or someone from another country or someone on drugs or an x user i have no use for them and please no prostitutes thanks again no scammers please i will not respond sorry for the drug thing but i lost my son *** to a drug overdose in 2003 again please no tweekers and no one still hooked on xs only ladies within 100 miles will i respond 2 im an x navy seal four tours in v n 4 years as an instructor at coronado whare are all the decent ladies plz and you must have a car no more free rides please its time ladies take a chance 40 to 58 please no more scammers please i wont answer my finger is getting tired of deleteing all the scammers ladies stop ok by the way i live in eagle point oregon dont bother if you live i said 100 miles no scammers plz i wont respond i a really good catch just broke the world record on the 27th by 132 lbs in the push pull 682.9 ladies im really tired of being alone and if you just want to hook up thats ok to broke another world record in newport on the 4th


Even allotting for the probability he was texting his ad, this ad shows an astonishing lack of written communication skills. Does this guy really think he has anything to offer a woman 10 to 30 years his junior? (He actually revised his post down to an upper limit of 58.) Women in that age bracket aren't looking for a guy like him, who could easily drop dead or be physically or mentally incapacitated because of his age.

What this guy wants is a goddamned nurse to take care of him, not a wife or even a sex partner. He reminds me of a guy I once knew who worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D.C, during the Bush I era. He retired from the military in 1993. Worked with him in a job in the private sector when he came to Reno for a short time. He was a real wingnut, still is, but he was basically a softy underneath all that military facade. He wound up divorced two times, and, six years ago, he married again, to his "true" love (he won't even friend me on Facebook because I guess he is afraid of "temptation" or some stupid thing), a woman who is a pediatric nurse at a military hospital at or near Camp Lejeune, NC, and who is about nine years his junior. Apparently he must have met her when he had started having heart trouble and had to have a stent put in (he later had heart bypass surgery). I thought to my goddamned self, "This guy didn't marry her because she was the 'love of his life' but married her because she is a goddamned nurse, and, being significantly younger, would be around to take care of him when he inevitably gets too many miles and winds up a total physical wreck." Of course the big issue here is why she even bothered with a man like that, knowing he had and has major medical issues.

The kicker is he is only 3 1/2 years older than I am, and I am in far better shape than him and likely his child bride of 56.

The point is these half-dead dudes think they are entitled to women, especially younger women. It is just unbelievable the delusion that goes on with these dudes.

They are the same types that vote for Trump.

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