Saturday, December 31, 2016

It Ain't Censorship to Ban It Because It Ain't Speech

It is beyond dispute porn is a social harm, human rights abuse, and should be stopped.

Of course men on the so-called left are going to whine about censorship, but porn is not speech. It is an industry that destroys lives in order to facilitate masturbation. The consumption of it creates the violence against women and children by men who consume it.

Yes, some idiot judges, likely consumers of the poison, egged on by the idiots of the ACLU, who saw a moneymaking opportunity by yet defending more of the dregs of society, called this shit "protected speech." However, the existence of child porn is a crime, so it rather undermines the whole free speech argument. There is fundamentally no difference at all between child porn and the rest of it for all of it is human rights abuse. When you use other people to degrade themselves as porn and prostitution do, it is all the same thing.

The stuff is poison. The porn advocates use the same sexual liberationist crap that was said in the 1970s, when it was supposedly a good and "healthy" thing that all sexual boundaries were removed. The men on the left always despised feminists because they threaten to take away male sex-right, which morally they have no right to women's bodies, either directly or indirectly.

Back then, porn was considered a way to facilitate "healthy" relationships and even save marriages in the 24/7 propaganda by the industry. Feminists were alone in the wilderness to criticize this from the "left" perspective. The dudes who consumed this shit called the feminists "prudes" who were aligned with the religious nuts in an effort to shut them up and stifle dissent.

Now we have had 40, 45 years of this garbage of porn being openly available, and more easily available now with the internet, and it appears the advocates of porn were way wrong. The harms of it are beyond dispute. Young women today are being coerced into doing sexual perversions for fear of losing boyfriends and husbands who consume this crap, thinking what is being depicted is normal sex. It is not.

Contrary to what the author of the link says, in the end it is about abolishing pornography as a form of human rights abuse. It would be in a sense censorship, but really not because porn is not speech. Consuming it is as damaging as being coerced to work in the industry. The person consuming it is harmed as well as people that person comes into contact in relationships.

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