Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday Reads

This is why GRS or SRS should be outlawed.

Unnecessary surgeries are totally unethical and can be considered human rights abuses.

"Libertarian" "arguments" about "choice" don't cut it when this kind of thing destroys lives. Of course few of these dudes in dresses can stay in "marriages" with straight men because straight men don't like being lied to. I don't know how these men would not know these dudes in dresses are dudes and not women. But that is another issue altogether.

You cannot treat a mental disorder, let alone a sexual fetish, surgically. It doesn't compute.

1999 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Charismatic is back in the United States, specifically the Old Friends thoroughbred retirement farm, for good.

He spent many years as a stud in Japan.

He is now 20 years old.

As racing fans will recall, Charismatic appeared to be on the verge of winning the Triple Crown, but he injured his leg. Jockey Chris Antley quickly dismounted after the finish and held the horse's leg until an ambulance arrived.


Who cares what a bunch of fucking idle rich people think is an "appropriate" table setting for the holidays or any other time?

In my family, for dinner gatherings we basically have the food out like a buffet, and people take what they want for gatherings like the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Usually sturdy paper plates and plastic silverware are used.

With Christmas, we have an annual breakfast hosted by my nephew and his wife in White City, Oregon. The same set-up is used. It works out well for everybody.

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