Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Reads

We don't have to have another election.

The Electoral College could simply certify the winner of the popular vote, Hillary Clinton, as the winner, since several of the Trump states are under suspicion.

The problem is the EC is made up of a bunch of partisan morons who would rather die than put a Democrat in there.

There is little doubt the Russians were up to their eyeballs in getting Trump "elected" or whatever you call it.

Obama decides he is going to "get to the bottom of it" MONTHS after it was already well known Putin was calling the shots.

Putin is another Hitler or Stalin. We are living in extremely scary times.

Obituary: Soap opera actor Joseph Mascolo, 87, has died from complications of Alzheimer's disease.

If the GOP touched Social Security, their party would be finished forever.

It is really hard to overstate just what a political catastrophe it would be for Republicans to try to pass a plan like this. Republicans have always been extremely skittish about messing with Social Security. When they tried to privatize the system in 2005, they very carefully exempted all current beneficiaries, and framed their plan as a no-lose chance for everybody to get rich through the stock market, with no downside for anybody. (Had their plan passed, the 2008 crash would have blown it to smithereens.) Even Republicans most eager to cut Social Security have promised not to make any cuts for current retirees or anybody retiring within a decade. But Johnson’s plan would beginning cutting as early as 2019.

As a public-opinion matter, it would be insane for Republicans to attempt to pass this bill. It would be almost as insane as a matter of voting mechanics. It would require not only 218 House votes but also 60 Senators to cut Social Security. (The Senate can pass fiscal bills with just a majority, but those bills, called reconciliation bills, are not permitted to touch Social Security.) That means, as in 2005, Democratic support would be needed to pass the bill. And the over/under on the number of Senate Democrats likely to vote for a bill like this is 0.0000000.

They talk a good game, but they will NOT follow through. They don't dare.

Prostitution is human rights abuse and has no place in any society. "Arguments" in favor of it are bullshit and always were.

It is all about the dudes' supposed "right" to women's bodies, something they have NO right to whatsoever.

American voters, especially the Trump voters, still have their heads in the sand as to how much the Russians interfered in it.

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