Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thursday Reads

Lots of luck getting very many men, especially white men, to support what is called radical feminism.

That is because men know they have a lot to lose if they go around and start treating women as human beings.

It looks like the FBI has just changed its name to the KGB.

So much for Trump "saving" those Carrier jobs.

There is little support for repealing Obamacare.

The big problem with the ACA is there aren't effective controls on skyrocketing premium costs.

The blame goes to private insurance companies ever hungry for more and more profits.

It would be a hell of a funny thing if HRC actually wound up winning the EC after all once the recounts are done.

In the meantime, how the fuck did we get to this dismal state of affairs?

It might be time for somebody to take a look at this lawyer who continues to cash in on these special education lawsuits.

What does Trump have to fear with a recount?

Sounds like he wants to run the clock out.

I strongly suspect HRC won MI, WI, and PA outright.

Along those lines, the Clinton campaign is looking for volunteers for the Wisconsin recount.

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