Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Reads

No surprise the would-be killer student at Hug High School had a history of bad behavior.

Obituary: Singer-actress Fran Jeffries, seen a lot in the 1960s, died at the age of 79. She died from multiple myeloma.

Frances Ann Makris Jeffries was born May 18, 1937, in San Jose, California. She married five times; each marriage ended in divorce.

Her daughter from her marriage to singer Dick Haymes, Stephanie Haymes-Roven, survives her, as do two granddaughters.

Obituary:Champion racehorse Turkoman, son of Alydar, has been euthanized due to old age. He was among the longest lived of champions at the age of 34.

It is extremely rare for a racehorse to live this long. Only a handful have ever lived to be 34 or 35. He was descended from his dam's side Round Table, who lived to be 33.

Turkoman would have turned 35 in April.

Among top thoroughbred stallions, the oldest on record is Lyphard, mentioned in a post here, who lived to the incredible age of 36, and Stop the Music, a horse who had the misfortune of being interfered with in a race with Secretariat, who lived to be 35.

Both of those stallions lived out their long lives at Gainesway/Greentree farms (the two are adjacent to each other). It was also home to Arts and Letters, who lived to be 32, and Stage Door Johnny, who lived to be 31. Both of these horses were Belmont Stakes winners.

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