Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Reads

Don't care for the tone of the article that insinuates the women's movement is somehow responsible for the increased deaths of women through alcohol consumption.

However, it is good in pointing out the dangers, especially since women process alcohol differently from men.

Glad I never drank or smoked. I can't stand to be around anybody who does either.

For the next week, I will have to post almost entirely on the tablet because the power cord for my laptop is completely shot. I have to wait until I get money next week to buy a new one.


Obituary: Bestselling author Richard Adams, 96, the author of the hugely successful Watership Down and The Plague Dogs, has died.

Years and years ago I read Watership Down, a story about anthropomorphic rabbits of a couple of warrens that engaged in their type of warfare, for a college class. Supposedly this book was actually written for children, but it read like a postgraduate-level work. It was a pretty good book, one of the relatively few fiction works I have read since high school.

College deconstructionism absolutely destroyed my enjoyment of reading fiction. I never got back into it.

As for Adams, Watership Down was his first book. He had to keep his day job as a civil servant because his manuscript had been rejected by publisher after publisher. He finally found one who did accept it. It was first published in 1972 and was a massive hit.

According to the linked obit, Adams began the novel as a result of a story or stories he told to his kids at bedtime. Since he had a good government job, he wrote the book on holidays and weekends, never thinking he would get filthy rich off it.

So much for his government job when the book became a hit.

Link to obit is here.

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