Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Reads, Including a Couple of Obituaries

More dipshits voting against their own self-interest.

OK refuses to okay abortion restrictions thanks to a court ruling.

The moron electors are still going to vote Trump.

Trump puts pressure on electors to toe the line--or else.

Obituary: To Sir With Love author E.R. Braithwaite died way before his time at the age of 104:

In the novel and movie, the students, ill-mannered and ill-equipped to learn, at first frustrate their teacher, Ricky Braithwaite. After taking a new tack in teaching, however, he manages to win them over.

The author, whose works often touched on the topics of racism experienced by an educated black man, also wrote "Paid Servant" (1962), "A Kind of Homecoming" (1962), and "Choice of Straws" (1965). Braithwaite later became a college educator and a diplomat. He was the permanent representative to the United Nations for Guyana as well as Guyana's ambassador to Venezuela.

Obituary: Actor Alan Thicke, 69, has suddenly died. Not too many details at this time:

Thicke was most well-known in his popular role of Dr. Jason Seaver in '80s ABC sitcom "Growing Pains."

Thicke had a son and daughter. Thicke's son Robin is a well-known R&B performer.

Alan Thicke was a musician himself, credited as the composer for theme songs to popular sitcoms such as "Facts of Life" and "Diff'rent Strokes."

More details.

He was reportedly playing hockey with his son when he suffered a heart attack.

Scary shit, for he wasn't that much older than me.

Gorbachev is fairly speechless when it comes to Trump.

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