Friday, January 06, 2017

Friday Reads

Had another day off. I am hoping I will be able to use personal days to make up for missing four days of work because of snow.

It should be back to normal on Monday.


More evidence is out there pointing to Putin's involvement in screwing around with last year's elections.

The GOP talks a good game about repealing Obamacare, but it is likely to blow up in their faces.

Given that Obamacare was nothing but Romneycare, the GOP has no alternative other than throwing millions of people out on the street without insurance.

For one thing, the GOP might fuck over some key supporters:

Most of those who would lose out would be individuals and families of modest means, many of them living in the blue or blue-ish states that expanded Medicaid under the law. (Many red states refused to accept the Medicaid expansion.) A cynical student of history might suggest that the Republican Party could afford to ignore these blue-state folks. But the socioeconomic base of the G.O.P. has shifted, and, according to a back-of-an-envelope calculation by Paul Krugman, about 5.5 million of the victims of repealing the A.C.A. would be Trump supporters. In many parts of the country, large numbers of white households subsist on incomes low enough to make them eligible for Medicaid or hefty subsidies to buy private insurance. We didn’t hear much from this group during the campaign, but that would surely change if the Medicaid expansion and the subsidies were both eliminated.

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