Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hangover Edition Saturday Reads

It seems many, many, many empty seats were noted by the Interior Department because few sane people bothered to watch the installation of Putin's Puppet, so it was told to can telling the truth.

Two reasons I am not showing up in Ashland today at the "women's" march: one, it is pouring down raining, and two, family had made the decision without my consultation they were going to have a birthday luncheon for yours truly and another family member at noon, which would be right in the middle of the time of the Ashland shindig.

Of course I was not going to make a stink about the march.

As I mentioned, a nephew of mine and his girlfriend are in D.C. to watch people like sexist asshole man in dress Charles "Janet" Mock wax about the joys of being abused in prostitution and porn.

Mock is a disgrace, as are all of these screwed-up men trying to con the public they have even the remotest goddamned clue what it is like to be female in a male-dominated culture.

Hillary Clinton does know and has far more credibility than this six-foot-five crossdressing jackass who thinks women are "fish."

Report here.

Live stream is at many places. This is one of them:


My nephew, who was in D.C. today, had this report:

There were so many people in DC today, we couldn't actually "march." Don't believe the reports that are saying that it didn't happen, it was bigger than you can imagine. First impressions? The resistance is ON! Time to go local, folks. Let's overwhelm the hate.


There were massive crowds all over the country. At least 2.5 million worldwide were involved today.

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