Thursday, January 05, 2017

No Tears for the Dudes

who have benefitted from denigrating female-dominated fields in order for women to be forced into marriage and men get sexual access.

You guys keep voting the wrong way, and you have been doing it for decades, and then you whine that you can't find "suitable" work.

Not likely the pay for female-dominated jobs will ever go up because the reason those jobs are denigrated will not be given up.

Furthermore, the article is just crap. Men are not entitled to jobs, period, just because they are men. Women need jobs just as much or more than men and are sick and tired of being denigrated. Many men cannot cut it in so-called women's fields because of intellectual shortcomings, which many of those jobs have far more skills and education required, but they are denigrated because women do them. The pay gap is real, folks, and it is there for a reason, a reason that would make virtually everybody uncomfortable with the truth. It has nothing to do with perceived lifestyles of women, "career choices," or differences in education and skills, because women are still denigrated regardless of the occupation, female-dominated or not.

Do people in the article actually think that because more women are in medicine and law, that if they predominate those fields--right now they are one-third of both--the pay and prestige will remain? Are you kidding? Historically pay and prestige have always gone down when women predominate a field, Men will never go into female-dominated fields because there is a reason why those jobs are denigrated. Underpaying women is a form of economic coercion against women. Men will not pay women what they are worth because they bitterly despise women having any shot of living lives independent of them.

It has to do with the purpose of denigrating the jobs. The purpose of paying women worse than men is to force them into marriage, to be dependents on men, so men in return get sexual access to their bodies. No other explanation has ever made any sense, and this one is the only one that explains it. Men are not going to go into the "women's" fields because deep down they KNOW why those jobs are poorly paid.

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