Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Snow Day Miscellaneous

We had a ton of snow here in the Rogue Valley, highly unusual given the lower elevation (1200 feet), so school districts around here have been closed.

That is fine with me. I am sure tomorrow I will have to report to work. Hard to get back into gear after almost three weeks off.

I am hoping I get paid for the two days off.

So just who is it who is out of touch?

Charles Manson could redeem himself just a little bit if he decides to die on inauguration day.

"Evangelicals," meaning fundamentalists, don't give a shit about Trump as long as "that woman" wasn't elected.

The case against legal weed can be found in the "men seeking women" area of Craigslist:

do you concider yourself honest,got integrity,drama free? dreamer seeks younger gal ,getn up thr in age ,doesnt stop ,wise 420 farmer seekn lover. young35+ cute non drama woman wanted .virgo man been single way too long ...Can you cook? do you enjoy gardening a simpler self sustainable lifestyle,old fashioned homemaker/but still a young feminine angel,lookin for change, safe secure well off mountain man homeowner misses the touch of mutual feelings,fun of doing things together. .whr are you darlin? send me a pic and be real. cuddle,a fire a movie,ride a horse together or dirtbike ,motorcoach a vacation,throw me in the snow? days and nights of winter are hear ,come survive with me.seeking a pleasure thatl last us into eternity.not a player so dont play me !

Jesus H. Christ. The world is bad enough with the drugs without people who are also functionally illiterate.

Texting is no excuse, either.

He had a small picture of him, and believe me, a 35-year-old isn't going to bother with a man who looks like roadkill.

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