Thursday, January 05, 2017

Snow Day Reads

I won't be working tomorrow, either. The roads in the Rogue Valley are treacherous.

Well, well. Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders have conclusively been proven to be liars when it comes to why a minority of the voters went for Trump. It had nothing to do with the beleaguered white dudes whose fortunes supposedly tanked. It was all about racism and especially sexism:

Trump's margin over Clinton among whites without a college education was an astonishing 40 points, dramatically higher than the norm. To find out why, political scientists Matthew MacWilliams, Tatishe Nteta and Brian Schaffner used a national YouGov survey conducted during the final week of October to measure attitudes on race and gender. They zeroed in on questions about, for example, whether women are seeking "special favors" in hiring policies and whether white Americans or various ethnic groups are getting "more than they deserve." The study's conclusion: "We find that while economic dissatisfaction was part of the story, racism and sexism were much more important and can explain about two-thirds of the education gap among whites in the 2016 presidential vote."

Poor widdle white dudes think they are entitled to jobs just because they have dicks and light skin. Fuck them and their entitled attitude.

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