Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Reads

It is only two days into Trump's reign, and already a few have buyer's remorse.

Since CNN is the one that actively promoted Trump as candidate despite his unserious campaign and lack of any coherent policy positions, it is ironical indeed the network is between a rock and a hard place regarding him, beginning with the inauguration where relatively few people showed up.

Between three and four MILLION people attended women's marches around the world yesterday, the largest single-day demonstration in the history of the United States.

Some 6,000 people in Ashland, Oregon, near where I live, showed up, which was impressive when you consider the town has a population of just 20,000 people. Undoubtedly many people came from other areas to attend.

I wish it had been in a more convenient location because I had to go to lunch with family yesterday. I just couldn't cancel it.

My nephew posted this picture he took in DC yesterday:

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