Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Tuesday Miscellaneous

It looks like yet another Republican trial balloon got shot down on its ass.

Just wait until they pull this shit with Obamacare, SS, Medicare, and so on down the line.

People are watching these idiots.

Obituary: Artist Tyrus Wong, only 106, has died:

Wong was born in 1910 in China. In 1920, at the age of nine, Wong and his father came to the United States. He never again came in contact with his mother or his sister. He and his father settled in Los Angeles.

While he was in junior high school, teachers noticed that Wong had a gift for art. He was awarded a scholarship to the Otis Art Institute. After he graduated, he started work in Hollywood.

Wong was working as a sketch artist at Disney when he heard about Walt Disney’s “Bambi” project and he did some paintings of deer in the forest. The Walt Disney Family Museum said, "Walt Disney saw that Tyrus was able to produce exquisite artwork that did not necessarily look like the forest - but rather, felt like the forest. Walt's vision for Bambi and use of Tyrus' work still influences films today."

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