Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Reads

A couple of brief obits of musicians:

Doo-wop singer Ronald Mundy, known for being a member of the Marcels ("Blue Moon"), died at the age of 76:

The Marcels were formed in Pittsburgh in 1959. They were named after a popular hairstyle during that time. They sent a demo tape to Colpix Records and they were singed and went to New York City to record some songs. One of those songs would launch the band to stardom.

Their version of the Rogers and Hart standard “Blue Moon” became a #1 smash hit song. Famous DJ Murray the K played the song 26 times during one of his shows. In March, 1961, the song knocked Elvis Presley off the top of the charts. The band would sing the song in the movie “Twist Around the Clock” that featured Chubby Checker.

They also had a follow up song called “Heartaches that made the top ten on the charts.

Peter Overend Watts, 69, lost his battle with throat cancer. He was bassist for the band Mott the Hoople.

Watts started playing the guitar at the age of 13. A few years later, he switched to bass and started playing with some bands. One of those bands would eventually become Mott the Hoople once they added Ian Hunter. The band’s manager convinced Watts to start using his middle name Overend as he thought it sounded more rock and roll.


Of course Bernie Sanders is a big fake.

He is less crazy than Donald Trump, but he has the same big ego.

You cannot be a feminist and support human rights abuse, which is what prostitution is.

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