Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Reads

Trump is hellbent on being a dictator by his actions.

Of course it is a Muslim ban.

It appeals to the MORONS who voted for this deranged man.

No principled person, looking at this record, would tolerate, much less defend, a Trump-initiated ban on migration from Muslim countries. The temporary character of the ban, the avoidance of explicit references to Islam or Christianity, and the omission of other Muslim countries don’t excuse the obvious animus behind the order.

In every way, Trump has targeted Muslims as a class. He has rejected the distinction between Islam and radical Islam, since “you don’t know who is who.” He has assigned all Muslims the burden of proving they’re not radical, since “there’s no way to tell.” He has held all Muslims responsible for terror plots that go unreported. He has added rationales—Sharia, sexism, conversion—for excluding Muslims without regard to terrorism. He has proposed better treatment for persecuted Christians but not for persecuted Shiites. He has never conceded that a ban based on religion is wrong, nor has he retracted it. He has said his current approach is an expansion of it.

This has the smell of Hitler all around it.

Trump nominates a nutbagger to the USSC.

Oregon's Jeff Merkley promises to filibuster.

Missed this WCSD lawsuit from earlier this month about a high school football coach allegedly bullying students.

Given who this attorney is, they probably have a good case. She is a highly ethical lawyer.

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