Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Reads

Even though a similar scheme failed a couple of months ago in the North Carolina legislature, that hasn't stopped a pair of dipshit Democrats, eager to encourage convention, sports, and tourist dollars to the state, from proposing NEW legislation that basically destroys the safety and privacy of half of the human race.

This won't pass, either, and even if it did, it wouldn't survive a court challenge. Crossdressers, perverts, rapists, and garden variety criminals should never be a "protected" class.

What is notable is one of the bills actually increases the penalties of men assaulting and perving on women and children if they are caught doing what they want to do in women's restrooms. It is an admission that allowing men in women-only spaces means a dramatic increase in rapes, sexual assaults, voyeurism, and other crimes.

The state and businesses that would allow men to use women's restrooms under the phony "gender identity" reason would be sued into the ground by women and girls victimized by criminals and perverts if this idiotic legislation ever passed.

I cannot argue that Obama's destructive education policies paved the way for the likes of kooks like Betsy DeVos.

The Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), a political action committee run by hedge fund managers including Teach For America cofounder Whitney Tilson, was formed between 2005-07 to promote their interests in the charter and edubusiness sector. Democrats representing Anchorage Capital Partners ($8 billion under management), Greenlight Capital ($6.8 billion), and other for-profit companies signed up to promote the legislative assault on public education. Congressman Barack Obama was a speaker at the inaugural meeting, and Arne Duncan was later recommended by DFER for Education Secretary.

It was under President Obama that the most sweeping attacks on public education occurred. Despite the unions’ claims to the contrary, Obama and Duncan doubled down on NCLB. More than 300,000 teachers and other school jobs were permanently eliminated during Obama’s eight years.

Under the Race To The Top (RTTT) program, cash-starved school districts were encouraged to compete for “performance-based” grants based on their level of “innovation.” The markers of such innovation were merit pay, the adoption of Common Core (highly lucrative for testing companies and other edubusinesses) and the promotion of charter schools.

Obama hailed the 2010 firing of teachers and other school employees at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island after they rejected a “turnaround” plan authored by Duncan that would have torn up their contracts and forced them to work longer hours without additional pay.

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