Monday, February 13, 2017

It's That Time of Year Again

Yep, the run-up and tomorrow's articles and "news" reports will inundate people with all of the bullshit that we need to spend money on our "significant others" or shame us if we don't have a "significant other":

As I have gotten older and "dating" and that other shit, let alone marriage, recedes into the unimportance it always was with me, I just treat it mostly as another day of the year. I have, however, bought things for myself, especially plush animals, because I happen to like them, much to the consternation of family members and others.

There is still a lot of pressure put on women, especially young women under 30 or 35, to get paired off whether they want to or not.

The pressure can be such that the whole thing reminds me of years ago when I worked for a company in Reno, Nevada, called Baker & Taylor. It is a book distribution company, and back 25 or 30 years ago, it had a sizeable front office staff of a hundred people or more before much of that got moved to other parts of the country. Except for a few managers and salespeople, almost all of the office staff was female. I had never seen anything like it in my life when Valentine's Day rolled around. The office was like a sea of flower arrangements of all kinds, not just roses, all of them delivered. As I was practically the only never-married het woman over 30 there, it kind of made me feel like shit because the deliveries were seen as proof "somebody" loved them. It was really ridiculous the overkill, and this went on for the many years I was there until most of the office was moved back East to various locations. In retrospect, I think many of the women, including my last supervisor, actually sent the floral arrangements to themselves in order to impress the others whose husbands or boyfriends might actually have spent the considerable amount of money purchasing floral arrangements from florists and having them delivered. It doesn't really make sense that many of them would do it. Most guys, if they are so inclined, just pick up an arrangement at a local grocery store on the way home from work or they take their girlfriends or their wives out to dinner. No big, pretentious display. I have come to the conclusion women do this themselves to "compete" with other women to see who has the fanciest arrangement and who or whose s.o. spent the most money on that arrangement.

It is all absurd, but at least those women are spending MONEY. Money is what this day is all about.

Capitalism at work.

As an aside I like it.

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