Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Reads, Including a Few Obits

A few deaths to note:

Nobel Prize co-winner and inventor of the MRI Peter Mansfield has died at the age of 83:

Mansfield, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993, won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine along with American Paul C. Lauterbur, a chemist.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive procedure that uses radio waves and magnetic fields, not X-rays, to create 3-D images, thus allowing medical doctors to detect changes in a patient's body and helping them to make a diagnosis.

Mansfield was born Oct. 9, 1933, in London. Two years after receiving his 1962 doctorate in physics, he joined the University of Nottingham as a lecturer in his field of expertise.

The so-called "Godfather of Energy Efficiency," Arthur Rosenfeld, has died at the age of 90:

Rosenfeld created new standards for energy efficiency in California that later became internationally known. His work contributed to the development of compact fluorescent lamps and other low-energy electric lights, energy efficient refrigerators, and windows injected with argon gas to prevent heat from escaping one's house.

Arguably the king of marathon runners, Donald McNelly, 96, died February 5. He had completed an incredible 744 marathons from 1969 to 2010:

The 744 figure was significant because that was the number on McNelly's Navy destroyer in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

McNelly ran his first marathon in 1969 in a tribute to a friend who had a heart attack. He was 86 when he completed his 700th marathon in 2006. He attempted to run his 745th marathon in 2010 but was unable to complete the grueling 26.2 miles.

Proof? I don't need no stinking proof.

What the HELL? There is NO market for this sort of thing.

Jaron's parents ought to be thrown in jail for child abuse, not be allowed to profit from his exploitation.

GOP politicians are getting an earful from constituents.

Yeah, Betsy DeVos is horrible on education (and everything else), but is she any worse than Obama and especially Cory Booker on that issue?

Child marriages aren't just a third world problem.

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