Friday, February 24, 2017

Tucker Carlson Destroys a Trans Apologist

I am no right-winger, but Carlson absolutely destroyed this guy. Not that it was difficult. Carlson basically got this embarrassment to the DNC to admit that allowing men in dresses to be covered by Title IX basically destroys the law. Obama clearly violated the intent of Title IX. I have been long sick of the woman-hating trans movement, the only civil "rights" movement that seeks to destroy the rights of a protected class, which is half of the human race, women. It is now on life support because people are slowly realizing these "transgenders," at least the men (the women have been mostly pressured to transition because of the stigma against being lesbian), are almost all sexual fetishists and have a host of other comorbid mental disorders. When--not if--the trans movement is finally dead, I will be dancing on its grave.

The video:

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